what's up people?!! anyone know what happened to UFC's Fantasy Site?

MMAPlayground.com » Community » Introduce yourself » what's up people?!! anyone know what happened to UFC's Fantasy Site?
1/16/11 10:50:58PM
hopefully I don't flame out in my first forum post on this site,...I'm just pretty excited I found this site after being too frustrated to continue on UFC's fantasy piece of crap. After they switched to the new UFC.com site, it totally sucked, very poorly managed. This site on the contrary seems to be on top of it. I'm excited to give it a go and give some of you veterans a run for your money. I have a group of 12 following me over from the old UFC site to my new Knucklz Hawks League here. All the best - Knucklz
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1/16/11 11:25:01PM
Welcome to the site, man.
I know a few people who have had similar problems with the UFC's fantasy game but this one is solid.

Good luck on your picks and with new camp!
1/16/11 11:56:54PM
They've really been struggling with their updates to Fantasy 2.0. Everytime they take 2 steps forward, you can expect at least 1 step back. It's definitely frustrating. I'm sure eventually it will be stable again, but at the pace their going, it will be a while. I'm assuming it's mainly because it's not a priority for them to add money to their budget for it.

With that said, welcome to the PG! And as SmileR already said, this one is solid...best Fantasy MMA on the web for sure.
1/17/11 11:53:40AM
Thanks guys, appreciate the welcoming and am definitely looking forward to the event this weekend. Love the Fantasy Wagers section, should be interesting. You both have been on here a while and have done well, so if you don't mind sending any suggestions on how to play the games well, please feel free to suggest away. Much appreciation. - knucklz
1/17/11 11:58:23AM
Welcome to the site! Make sure to utilize all of the site tools and post frequently in the forums. I've found that's the best tool for education as we have some very knowledgeable members/posters here. Feel free to encourage your friends to participate as well.
1/17/11 12:06:26PM
appreciate the advice....classic Rex Ryan avatar, unbelievable...haha
1/17/11 3:35:26PM
You should also take a look at the website rules for 2 reasons. It will give you the rundown on how the game works. Also, the Forum Code of Conduct is equally important for maintaining a quality forum for all.
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