If you're 21 or older: Top 5 favorite beers?

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8/2/11 12:40:47AM

Posted by emfleek

When it comes to New Belgium brews...

1554 > Fat Tire

I personally think Fat Tire is overrated.

8/8/11 8:43:55PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by Theoutlaw08

5. Milwaukee's Best
4. Rolling Rock
3. Coors LITE
2. Corona Lite (w/Lime)
1. Miller High Life

Add Sierra Nevada and you've just listed my most hated beers.

Yet you drink PBR? Ugh...
8/8/11 8:46:11PM

Posted by scoozna

5. Corona
4. Guiness
3. Palm
2. Yeungling
1. Chimay (Red)

Not sure if I rate Yeungling so highly because it's brewed in PA or because it's cheap, or because it's good.

+1 for the chap who had Delerium Tremens (or Nocturnum). I could probably fill my top 5 with Belgians, but they cost too much and don't drink them all that often.

Dude, good call on the Chimay, both the yellow and the red and delicious.
8/8/11 8:50:50PM
5. Young's Chocolate Stout
4. Seadog Blueberry Wheat
3. Longtrail Blackbeary Wheat
2. Allagash White
1. Switchback

8/9/11 8:09:56AM

Posted by warglory

Yet you drink PBR? Ugh...

Absolutely. It *doesn't* taste like perfume.
8/10/11 12:46:58PM
in no real order
coors light
new glarus (spotted cow, fat squirrel, moon man)
leinenkugel (another WI brewery, alot of good favors)
samuel adams (plenty of beer choices)
i love drinkin beer and it not cuz i'm from WI, lol..but the different flavor of beers, lagers, pale ale, dark ale..i'll give all beer a try, but those are my top beers (beer company)
8/16/11 1:09:34AM
So...I picked up a beer called "Eliot Ness" by Great Lakes Brewing Company out of Cleveland, OH.
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