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6/27/07 5:45:46PM
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say What's Up, Im new here and definately gonna be an avid MMAPlayground freak. Let's see, ive been thinking about joining judo, ive got some stand up from street fighting, yet would like to get more experience. I would love to get in some Judo/Ju Juitsu and learn some more ground game. Me and my buddy's get together and go at it some times, i always come out on top, because that's just what i do lol j/k. My favorite fighters, well my number one would have to be Wanderlei Silva. I like Rampage a little bit, definately like him more then chuck. Love Randy Coutore, Shogun, Arona.

Well, hope to have lots of fun on this website.


P.s. Join my training camp!
7/6/07 3:35:34PM
Welcome to the site and have fun.It is great to be a Playground freak.
7/6/07 4:15:12PM
hey man my team has as many as u do(the other guy is casey64 right above me)if u want u can disband ur team and u and the other guy can join mine called Team Showtime
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