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8/21/07 1:23:44PM
Sorry this isnt on the News Share Forum, but I dont have enough posts to post there yet. This is straight from
8/21/07 1:30:33PM
I'm picking Vera not sure by what though.
8/21/07 1:45:07PM
my bad, i just posted in the news section cause i didnt see it there
8/21/07 1:46:02PM
I know this will get into a big debate and people start talking crap. With both of these fighters its basically you either love them or hate them.

Im taking Tim, hes going to come back strong, he's seen more depth in this division than Vera, but im just hoping for a good fight. Tim wins
8/21/07 1:51:13PM
vera is so athletic that i can see him giving tim problems, but tims size is an issue for anyone that he gets in there with. im gonna say vera drops him at some point then secures the sub.
8/21/07 2:03:02PM

*scratches chin thoughtfully*

I think Sylvia should have the edge here, but Vera has had miles more aggressiveness over his last few fights, and could take it away from him just like Couture did, only it'll be three rounds instead of five.

Sylvia has to (T)KO Vera; if it goes to a Decision, I see Vera taking it.
8/21/07 2:43:47PM
I'm going with Vera. he is going to be hungry for a fight, and who knows how healthy Tim will be. I might actually go with Vera Round 2 KO.
8/21/07 2:44:11PM
I think Tim will actually press the action for once in this fight. He's got a lot to prove after being dominated by Couture and Vera is a more calm fighter. I think Vera has more skills and tools to use against Tim. They both share Frank Mir as an opponent which Tim lost and Vera destroyed but that won't be a factor at all. Should be a great fight but i see Vera winning by KO!
8/21/07 2:57:16PM
vera sub 2nd round by choke, im going to stand the money im going make on this now

go get him vera
8/21/07 3:16:52PM
I'll go with Vera on this one. I hope he wins this in dominant fashion, because a win like this would be the only way I'm going to start buying into the hype.
8/21/07 3:19:14PM
After being totally dominated and embarassed by Couture, Sylvia should be out to prove something. However, I think Vera's has more to prove. He wants to prove a point. I can see this fight going a variety of ways, Tim by (T)KO, Vera by Sub or Decision. It'll be interesting to see how Vera handles the monstrous, behemoth size of Tim Sylvia.
Both fighters are hungry. Sylvia wants redemtion, Vera wants more recognition by American fans and a shot at the title. This fight could easily go either way. I'd almost like to see Tim completely run through Vera just so I could see his bloodies and bruised face. He's an arrogant s.o.b. and is completely full of himself.
8/21/07 3:20:35PM
This is a really tough fight for me to call... Like him or not, Big Tim's got KO power, and I don't know if Vera's chin has ever been tested (to this extent)...

I'm glad Vera is getting a real test. I think I will be more comfortable putting him around the top ten, especially if he wins in decisive fashion...

I would love to see Vera get the KO (I don't think Tim's ever been KO'd), but am very interested to see how he deals with Tim's reach and size advantages...

Good fight though... If Tim wins he should fight Big Nog, and if Vera wins he should fight Arlovski.
8/21/07 3:28:34PM
i think the size will suck a lil for vera but veras has fought some big guys
8/21/07 3:38:32PM

Posted by loonytnt

i think the size will suck a lil for vera but veras has fought some big guys

You've got to admit though, Tim's really good at using his size/reach to his advantage...

It's just hard for me to write off Tim too quickly in this fight. If this were to have happened 2 years ago... I'd say Vera was going to get destroyed, and that Tim was a monster... But it seems like Sylvia has really fallen off, and Vera has come up, so now I have to think about it...

It has been a really long layoff for Brandon as well... Almost a year if I remember correctly (since Hughes / GSP II?), so ring rust could be a factor as well...

The more I think about it, the more I'm really interested in seeing this fight.
8/21/07 3:43:04PM
Tim Sylvia depends on his reach and size to win fights for him, and if he goes into this fight with the same mindset that he did for Couture, there will be a repeat and Sylvia will get embarrased again. Brandon Vera needs to be ready, but so does Tim Sylvia. I'm taking Vera, because I don't think Sylvia has it in him anymore to focus completely on training and beating his opponent. Brandon Vera takes this one easy unless Tim Sylvia decides to actually fight and not just hope a 7 inch reach advantage will get him a decision win.
8/21/07 4:01:59PM
This is the beginning of the end for Tim.

The rise of the Vera has begun!
8/21/07 4:16:43PM
Talent - Vera (Sick muay thai, wrestling, grappling)
Size - Sylvia (the biggest hw vs maybe the smallest hw)
Heart - Sylvia (So far that we have seen)

I'm taking Vera but Sylvia works hard and will want this win bad.
8/21/07 6:34:16PM
this has just made 77 a hell of a lot better card than it i've said before i'm going for vera, he's just gonna be too quick for slyvia, he's either gonna knock him out or submit him, round 2 vera
8/21/07 10:57:04PM
This has the potential to be a really great fight and I wouldn't be shocked by the outcome, but I see Vera edging Sylvia out.
Sylvia has the reach advantage and does possess heavy hands. I don't think height will present much of an issue as Vera's clinch should easily negate that.
Vera definitely has the agility/speed advantage and should outstrike Sylvia, who moves around the ring like he has a 12" chain shackled to his ankles.
The weight difference shouldnt be too much of a factor as Vera has faced 250+ lb. fighters before and was successful.
Both fighters are good on the ground. Sylvia has solid, smart ground defense.
Vera is going to be amped to be back in the Octagon. I'm not sure where Sylvias confidence level is at or how the staph infection/back surgery has/will affect training. If anyone has updated info. on that.....
Common fighters: Assuerio Silva and Frank Mir. Vera submitted Silva in the first round. Sylvia went to the judges. Vera took out Mir in the first round. Mir took Sylvia by *submission. (*Mir was not the same fighter against Vera that he was when he snapped Sylvias arm.)
I think Sylvia will spend the fight taking alot of LLK and knees, eventually dropping his hands, and setting up Vera combos.


8/21/07 11:07:51PM
I think tim's size will be the differnce here, vera will drop to 205 after this fight. Hope im wrong as id like nothing more then seeing sylvia KTFO and dropped from the ufc.
8/22/07 1:25:40AM
i bet you guys anything thisll be the snoozefest of the night tim is going to jab his way to victory once again
8/22/07 1:32:06AM
UGH!!!!!!! i'm so sick of everyone saying Vera is going to KTFO Tim what proof do you have of this!!!!!!! Vera has never been in there with anyone with the size and skillset of Tim SYlvia after such a long break i dont see how he could possibly win
8/22/07 3:37:56AM

Posted by TheHitmanTL

i bet you guys anything thisll be the snoozefest of the night tim is going to jab his way to victory once again

i have the same sick feeling too. i dont see this fight going to the ground much and despite vera being the more accomplished grappler i think sylvia will be able to fend off veras take down attempts. standing i think both guys will get their shots in but i think sylvia will get the better of vera with his reach and peck away at vera for the majority of the fight and get the decision.
8/22/07 12:10:13PM
If the old Tim Sylvia is back, then Vera will lose. Otherwise, Vera will take it.
8/22/07 12:26:20PM
I really hope this fight is more exciting than I think it will be. Vera has the athleticisim to make it so but he will have to overcome Tim's size. If Vera can get in there and take it to him I think he can win this fight. And if Tim looses he will really need to prove himself in his next fight or this could be the beginning of the end for him in UFC.
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