'Behind the Octagon' to Stream Backstage Video at UFC 98

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5/19/09 4:51:56PM
The UFC has a special treat for those staying in to watch the fights on Saturday night. Starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, four live video streams will be available at UFC.com/BK, as part of a new Burger King-sponsored online feature called "Behind the Octagon." Viewers can switch between the red and blue corner dressing rooms, the fighter entryway, and a camera that will just be following Dana White as he makes his rounds. In other words, you'll be seeing a lot of behind-the-scenes action that's never been available before, aside from edited highlights in Danavlogs.

Specific details on "Behind the Octagon" are scarce at this point — we don't know if UFC.com will try to charge viewers for access, and we don't even know if the feeds will be available during the entire event. But if it comes together, BtO could be the most forward-thinking Internet feature the UFC has ever offered. Now all they have to do is give press credentials to bloggers and we'll have entered the Utopia...

5/19/09 4:55:07PM
That's a pretty damn cool idea. Too bad I'll be stuck at work. Hopefully there will be some video up on the usual sites afterward.
5/19/09 5:05:52PM
Saw that earlier, but I probably won't be able to as I plan to pony up the $45 for the Yahoo stream.
5/19/09 8:50:05PM
Looks like it'll be free...at least this time around.

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