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7/7/08 6:38:39AM
With all the new guys on the card for the 19th it's hard to tell if they are going to be good or just guys that were needed to fill out the card. Anyone heard much about them? I read this interview with Dale Hartt, that guy seems for real.

Here it is. It was on this blog. www.themmacraze.com

7/7/08 9:27:22AM
Heres my list of guys that are newcomerson that card that i expect to stick around for a while:

Reese Andy (although i dont expect him to beat Vera but i wouldnt count him out either)
Brad Blackburn
Rory Markham
Nate Loughran
Johnny Rees

Thats in order too now that i think about it.
7/7/08 3:44:52PM
Blackburn is pretty tough..
7/7/08 4:03:25PM
Markham have a lot of power in his hand
7/7/08 5:31:34PM
They should call this card: IFL vs UFC
7/7/08 9:02:52PM
I think Markham, Blackburn, Andy, and Gugerty
7/7/08 10:35:15PM
Markham does have some nice power..
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