Who's next for Nate "The Great" Marquardt?

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3/30/09 10:13:23PM
Nates last fight was at UFC 95, i was just wondering when he is comeing back and who he would fight.
Anderson Silva-fight at UFC 97, then talk of him fighting Maia
Dan Henderson - fighting at UFC 100
Yushin Okami- fighting at UFC 98
Rich Franklin - fighting at UFC 99
Demian Maia- talk of him fighting the winner of Silva/Leites
Michael Bisping - fighting at UFC 100
Thales Leites- fighting Silva at 97

whos left of Nate to fight??
3/30/09 10:15:50PM
he plays the waiting game.
3/30/09 10:34:06PM
Chris Leben?
3/30/09 10:43:54PM
It's slim pickings for Nate right now, but keep in mind that the rumours regarding Demian receiving a title shot are strictly coming from his camp. So Demian Maia is still a possibility.

Other than that Kendall Grove and Chael Sonnen are the only other available guys in the top 50. Another possibility would be Dennis Kang and David Loiseau, should both be victorious in their upcoming bouts.
3/30/09 11:07:02PM
He needs to fight either Maia or Okami, winner of either fight should get the next shot imo. Maia needs to finally be tested before he gets a title shot. It's kind of absurd IMO that Maia might actually be getting the next title shot because he's beaten B level fighters who have failed against A level fighters. I think he needs a fight an A level fighter and beat them before he gets a title shot. Like either of these, Okami, Marquardt, Hendo, Bisping, or Franklin. if he can' t beat any of them, I doubt he has that much of a chance against Silva.

He definitely is close to getting a rematch with Silva since he's been a beast since coming back, only set back was an EXTREMELY controversial fight with Thales.How that fight wasn't just a No Contest or a Draw is beyond me, I couldn't really find a reason to give either fighter the nod after rewatching it. So give him someelse close, Okami or Maia. Also Hendo or Bisping after their fight, either one would boost him greatly.

Really talented guy who has really impressed me and found himself in his last few fights. Hope to see him in some exciting match up's soon!!!
3/30/09 11:29:23PM
maia is getting the next title shot which i disagree with. I thought Nate should have got his rematch with the winner of Silva/Leites...It would be way more marketable than Maia/Silva at this point...although at some point i do think Maia will be the best 185 pounder I think he should fight against one more marketable guy, someone like Akiyama or Belcher in the future.

I think Nate should fight the Hendo/Bisping winner...yea its going to be a wait but either of those guys would make a great fight with Nate.
3/30/09 11:36:41PM
Can't Believe I'm the only person who's thought of this so far....

A rematch with Thales Leites!

After Silva beats Leites (I know, i'm assuming here), Leites will need to win a few before he's in contention again. THe first fight with Leites and Marquart was SOOOO controversial that Nate will Jump at this in a second. It makes sense: Nate beats they guy he SHOULD have beaten to begin with, he's that much closer to a title shot.

And if by some chance Leites wins @ UFC 97, throw Marquart and Kendal Grove together. But I don't see that happening.

So yeah...My Pick is Thales Leites
3/30/09 11:54:20PM
Cote, but im hoping for a Cote vs Leben 2.

But I think nate should just wait to see what happens with these upcoming MW fights and then maybe try to get a fight.
3/31/09 12:41:56AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars
Cote, but im hoping for a Cote vs Leben 2.

That reminds me....What the hell is Cote doing? Is his knee taking this long to heal? Id like to see him back in action.

Back on topic..... Id like to see Marquardt fight Franklin first. If not, then my next pick would be the loser of Bisping/Henderson(the winner i expect to earn a title shot). After Marquardt dominates Bisping then give him the shot at Anderson again.

3/31/09 6:19:08AM
i say maia @ 102 just as guess but this is what i want to see
3/31/09 11:24:04AM
I think it should be a #1 contender match with Maia. IMO it would be a great fight with Nate coming out on top.
3/31/09 11:27:38AM
Kang would be fun to watch
3/31/09 1:07:16PM
I would like to see either Palhares or Cote!!
3/31/09 1:37:28PM
palhares wud be good
3/31/09 2:01:35PM
Palhares or Kang would be a pretty good fight for Nate...

I think he beats both of these guys though
3/31/09 4:09:58PM
Personally i think that there should be a title elimanater match between him and maia...both are deserving of a title shot .....other than that, from who is available, i wouldnt mind seeing kang if he is victorious....palahares is a good one, but i think he needs one more lower win before he gets back to fighting the big dogs again....one guy worth mentioning that isnt, is akiyama.....of course if he wins, that would be a good next in line fight after maia...if aikayama loses, give him alan belcher
3/31/09 5:47:26PM
good question i would say not okami or maia

maybe cote when he returns or winner of wnady vs franklin match

i really don't know kang, loiseau not kendall grove
best bet would be chael sonnen
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