Who'd you put most your money on?

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8/6/11 12:12:56AM
God I wanted to throw 100 on akiyama because of those odds but i just keep thinking it'll be a wasted 100.. props to whoever goes for it though. huge pay off.

instead i threw 300 on mike pyle since they have him as an underdog.. a payout of a lil over 600.. he's more experienced than macdonald and he's stronger.. i look for him to keep macdonald on the ground most the fight.

if i lose that 300 tho its no biggie cuz i put the remaining 700 on my boy rashad which will allow me to get that 300 back and atleast break even, cuz rashad aint lossin. s'not happenin.

so whats your bets?

that and with the event picking.. do you normally pick every fight? I tend to stay away from fights with guys there isnt too much information floating around about.. or atleast enough footage of them fighting to get a grasp on their strengths n' weaknesses. I only made 6 picks.

I was gonna hit up the jorge rivera/phillipou fight but i want to pick rivera by KO but i know age is going to be a big factor against a young n' quick phillipou.. n' i aint pickin phillipou because then ya got the experience of rivera. too hard.. im stayin away from it.

chad mendes is a money pick, btw. everyone should make that pick.

i got brian ebersole over hallman. hamill over gustafsson.

whats yalls thoughts?
8/6/11 12:22:38AM
I got $50 on Mendes inside the distance to win $150. He is going to destroy Yayha!! I have a bunch of little parlays and I feel the same as you on the rashad fight. I feel rashad is a lock. Dont see how tito beats him but who knows. I did put a little on Pyle and I put $30 on pierce.
8/6/11 1:44:55AM
underdogs im throwin a little money on:


Philippou- never respected Rivera much & like Philippou's chance for an upset

Pace isnt an underdog but he is even money & i would only do this if i knew for certain how much effort Menjivar put into the weight cut. he could be exhausted idk????

Akiyama- never hurts to throw 50 on with that level of skill & those kind of odds. I think Belfort floors him though
8/6/11 11:26:57AM
8/6/11 1:50:08PM
Rashad & Mendes = fat bank roll for me at the end of the night

Yeah, yeah!
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