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10/12/12 5:44:25PM
I found this video a moment ago and thought it was pretty funny, and as a gamer whose been around and played most of these games, I have to agree 100%. I'm sure those of us here on the playground who've been playing games for a while will appreciate this video.
Here be the link
10/12/12 8:22:46PM
#2 and #8 I agree with 1000%. Never really experienced the other ones, and Mario Party is effing awesome stoned
10/12/12 8:26:06PM

mario party ftw
10/12/12 11:53:54PM
Loot goons in Borderlands 2 should be on there. By loot goons I mean your friends who join you came take all your good loot and leave you with crap then sell it....dicks
10/13/12 8:52:17AM
They forgot about people that onside kick and always go for it on 4th down in MADDEN. Like really, are you TRYING to quit before halftime?
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