I'd like to see Matt Serra return to Lightweight.

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POLL: What should Matt Serra do now?
Stay at Welterweight. 19% (6)
Return to Lightweight. 59% (19)
Be a husband, be a coach, leave the shenanigans to the youngsters. 22% (7)
4/21/08 10:51:58AM
So now that UFC 83 is in the books, I can go back to being a Matt Serra fan. I don't think there are any Welterweight matchups for Serra that I feel I have to see. I was never that interested in Serra-vs-Hughes, even less so now (I'd like to see Hughes-Parisyan, perhaps).

Serra used to fight at 155 lbs, before the UFC closed that division and, like a lot of other TUF guys, he decided to take a shot at 170 for TUF 4, and it obviously paid off. It's worth taking a look at Serra's record as a Lightweight:

Win Ivan Menjivar Decision (Unanimous)
Win Jeff Curran Decision (Unanimous)
Loss Din Thomas Decision (Split)
Loss B.J. Penn Decision (Unanimous)
Win Kelly Dullanty Submission (Triangle Choke)
Win Yves Edwards Decision (Majority)

Dullanty is the only "no name" on that list, and Serra handled him in 3 minutes. Dropping a Split Decision to Dinyero and a UD to Penn is nothing to be ashamed of; this was back when Penn was smashing everybody except Jens Pulver. Curran is a Top-10 Featherweight, with wins over Charles Bennet and Wagnney Fabiano, a UD loss to "Kid" Yamamoto, and a recent title fight submission loss to Urijah Faber. Menjivar is your classic journeyman, who's lost to guys like GSP, "Shaolin" Ribiero, Urijah Faber, and Caol Uno, which is pretty good company for Serra to keep.

Serra's striking has obviously improved since those days, and I think he might regain some speed and stamina if he can commit himself to actually losing the 15 lbs and not just cutting them. He's going to be 34 in June, so he isn't old, but he's not young either. I suspect, although I don't know, that dropping weight might help strengthen his back (I don't think his back injury was the result of a chronic problem, but I think once you suffer an injury, it becomes more likely to happen again if you don't take steps - don't quote me on that, though).

Dropping to 155 would probably demand a renewed enthusiasm, and it's impossible to know whether he still has the fire in the belly. I think he still runs a gym; I've heard that back injuries are a real drag, as injuries go; he got married; and he got handled by GSP. A lot of guys would say "it was fun" and decide to prioritize his family and his business over getting punched in the head repeatedly. I couldn't and wouldn't fault Serra for doing that.

Still, I'd love to see The Terror give it another go at Lightweight.
4/21/08 11:02:23AM
Serra belongs at lightweight. For himself and for the fans. The matchups are much better and the road to another title shot presumably a little easier. The UFC can market him as another guy trying to win titles in two different weight classes, like Couture and Penn. This gives Serra headliner status while not having to do the GSP rubber match nobody wants to see.
4/21/08 11:06:16AM
ive always thought he should be at lightweight, he'd be a great addition to an already stacked division
4/21/08 11:17:34AM
I would like to see it, but I really don't think he'd consider it. When he was on TUF, he said that he decided to do the show to help promote his gym. Unless the whole experience has given him some new drive, I would say that he'll remain at WW for however long he cares to fight.

On a side note...I wonder how many people signed up for classes at his gym after his first fight with GSP. I'm willing to bet TUF 4 payed off in more ways than 1.
4/21/08 12:41:41PM
he's too old for cutting the weight, he should fight hughes lose to hughes and then they both retire, the end

i mean this set's up hughes vs serra. and plus do you really think serra could do any damage in the hella stacked LW now, and the answer is no.
4/21/08 1:51:58PM
I voted move to LW for only 1 reason really....personal health. The guy looks soft at WW, have to think that he would be better off if he just lost the last 15 lbs.
4/21/08 2:00:08PM
as much as i don't like serra i think he would be the third best welterweight in the world behind bj and sherk, i think he could beat anybody else in that division.
4/21/08 2:34:54PM
He said in a radio interview that he couldn't cut enough weight to get back to 155... if you look he still looks very lean at 170... he would have to drop muscle weight to go to 155
4/21/08 2:59:06PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

he's too old for cutting the weight, he should fight hughes lose to hughes and then they both retire, the end

i mean this set's up hughes vs serra. and plus do you really think serra could do any damage in the hella stacked LW now, and the answer is no.

Couture was 42 when he was dropping to 205. I think he has the potential to be Hughes as well. Serra would take out a lot of guys at 155. He would submitt most of them and has heavier hands/more power then other lightweights and I'm not even a Serra fan.
4/21/08 4:39:30PM
He could move down to LW but the more publicized bout for him is at WW. He will take on Hughes in a bout that has so much hype around it already. If he loses I can see him becomming a full time trainer if he wins maybe one or two more UFC fighs bfore he bows out gracefully.

He has a great personality and is really funnny. It would be cool to see him fill in for Joe next time he is on a leave of absence.
4/21/08 4:44:06PM
Aside from him publicly stating he can't make 155, he has a match lined up with Matt Hughes later this year.
4/21/08 7:11:55PM
would love to see penn vs serra rematch
but i think after the hughes match serra will go back to natural weight at 155
4/22/08 2:33:40AM
I'd rather watch him fight people his own size as well... dropping to 155 has been great for Penn, Sherk, Florian, etc. etc. He's too small to fight at 170.
4/22/08 4:33:36AM
hes not too small for 170 hes just not as tall as GSP... look at Manny Gamburian.. dude is like 4 foot tall and hes 155 and not bad at it... then you got the flip side you got Corey hill whos 6/4 at 155... Serra is thick... just becasue your a certain height doesn't mean you are limited to a weight class... and some people have the ability to cut more eight then others due to their body type... look at Rich Franklan dide walks at over 200 pounds but yet fights at 185
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