When's Matt Hammill scheduled to fight again?

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6/10/08 9:41:39PM
Does anyone have any idea when Matt Hammill is supposed to fight again?
6/10/08 10:06:04PM
I think they still have him at a slow pace because he is definately still developing into a well-rounded fighter. If i had to throw a guess out i would say the september fight night that is planned.
6/10/08 11:03:11PM
prolly on the next fight night against like bonnar

or this is what i think they should do, is put him up against rashad evans because i think matt could beat him.
6/11/08 12:17:19AM
matts had a log lay off i bet hes twice as good as we last saw him( thats saying a lot) ibet he come back against top comp.
6/11/08 1:01:49AM
I don/t know but Rashad would be intresting
6/11/08 1:04:11AM
Jardine just lost and Hammill just won.......pretty good match up......just a thought

but a more realistic matchup could be Houston Alexander vs Matt Hammill
6/11/08 3:48:16AM
I think that's a great matchup but I see them setting up that match with Bonnar he was supposed to have earlier this year. I really want to see that fight too. Basically, I'm so intrigued with Matt's developement I could find something interesting in any matchup. Hamill is the shit.
6/11/08 8:06:39AM
My prediction

Hamill VS Rashad Evans at UFC 87

FYI TS in future just check mmaweekly.com rumors page, all fighters with rumored bouts are in there
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