Possible co-main event for UFC 86???

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5/27/08 5:14:27PM
Rashad Evans vs. Matt Hamill is being rumored as a possible co- main event for ufc 86, which is good cause that card is kind of weak and ufc 86 isnt getting to much hype or exposure. The news of bruno vs. wilson being moved to ufc 87 is the first news i've heard about ufc 86 in awhile. I would suppose Tickets are selling slow for it , UFC needs to help this card out because come on Rampage is fighting!!!! oh by they way I'd say evans would take it in a decision vs. hamill but hamill has potential for a upset considering he has better wrestling then evans.

What do you think of ufc 86 and the possible co-main event??
5/27/08 5:29:54PM
That sounds like it could be an incredibly boring fight. Wanderleis next fight is supposed to be against Rashad, so he should just fight him then. Its not like he has injuries or anything from his last fight. And he is already in great shape so they should just set that up right now

I just realized something. Why would this be a co-main event to Rampage vs. Forrest? that fight could be a co-main event to Tanner vs. Groves on a fight night card but it is not a ppv main event type match.
5/27/08 6:03:32PM

round 1

5/27/08 9:58:55PM
Hamill by sprawl and brawl. 3 round decision. Probably unanimous.

Rashad can't handle Hamill's power, strength in wrestling, and chin.
5/27/08 10:41:23PM
Hammil....by UD
5/28/08 12:00:33AM
what bullshit!!!!
i put that post this morning about the bruno move to ufc 87 and the co main event being hamill vs evans and this website took my post topic down!!!!!!!!!

i also heard that gabriel gonzaga might fight justin mccully on the card as well
read from a message post about a guy who trains with him, and got the word right from gonzaga that he said he was fighting in july 5th
5/28/08 1:18:35PM
wow i really cant see why this would be considered a "weak" fight card look at it Rampage vs Griffin, Lytle Vs Kos, and prolly whats gonna be fight of the night Tyson vs Aurelio im pumped for this card you can even throw in cote vs almeida i think its gonna be a great card
5/28/08 1:52:35PM
co main event?? i wouldnt even put that fight in the number 3 spot. what have evans and hammill done to deserve to be co main event fighters? there are surely bigger names than those 2 who could fight. plus having a co main event is kinda disrespected the title match that is rampage vs forest this fight alone should sell the card.
5/28/08 7:51:59PM
i am going in july, but i would love to trade my tickets and go to aug or june one may, pretty much any other card this year besides the feb breaking point. and with only 9 fights they still need to add on
5/29/08 4:14:49PM
My goodness what a fight, that would be a great fight.

I'm a Matt Hamill fan and have been since TUF 3 and I think he could beat Rashad. I mean Rashad's okay and all but I think Matt Hamill has just impressed me so much. I was thinking at Fight Night that he would have his hands full and to come out and beat Tim Boetch down like that was awesome.

War Hamill!
5/29/08 5:13:03PM
if they do annouce the evans vs hamill bout

i really would not know who to pick to win, i think it would go to a decision, but hard fight to choose

i hope either that or the rumoured gonzaga vs mccully bout gets added soon or both would be awesome
5/30/08 7:57:56PM
Sounds like a snooze fest
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