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7/13/07 11:25:06PM
Hey guys. I'm a knowledgeable fan, and BJJ practitioner, and as you can see, I am undefeated.
7/14/07 10:15:40PM
What up
7/15/07 10:18:11AM
Join team wraith.
7/16/07 12:53:35PM
You should come and join L.A.G. ... its a great camp with an active board and evryones opinion is respected... hope to see ya around..
7/16/07 3:12:43PM
no way dude..... come join team heart. we are the #1 light heveis team and we are going to be in the hevies next event. so come join.
7/16/07 4:42:31PM
U should come join my Fight Camp! Will soon be #1 with many more fighters coming to join! Come Join Us if you want #1 status!
7/16/07 10:37:02PM
join our fight camp were looking for members
7/17/07 1:41:26AM
hey...team heart accualy has more than 2 members. plus i just figured out that we are going to be the #1 team in the hevies next event...... not trying to push you or anything.... but we arent going to be taking new members anymore after the next event..... so if your going to join..... join now.
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