UFC's Light Heavyweights Carry the Sport

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10/1/07 5:33:58PM
For almost the entire past decade, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's marquee weight class has been the current light heavyweight division.

10/1/07 8:43:51PM
Great article. 100%

Forrest vs. Jackson would have all the hype!
10/1/07 10:44:07PM
at this point, LHW is definately the main drawing for most casual fans as chuck liddell was on espn for so long and since quinton beat him he has seen some publicity from sports center. the LHW division is stacked, but i personally think the WW division has the most talent and is the most exciting.
10/2/07 1:09:18AM
i would have to agree the LH is rediculous so mandy fights that i would love to see as well in the ww this next few months are goin to be sick
and HOPEFULLY fador makes an announcement about signing be the end of the year
10/2/07 10:31:16AM
Good article.
I would agree the the LHW div is the best right now, but the WW div was doing most of the work there for a while, I see the LW div. getting there fast.
4/20/08 7:11:57PM
With the LHW picture obviously needing some sorting out...can somebody please explain to me why Gouviea and Thiago are not fighting eachother at the next PPV?

They arent fighting cans, but they are fighting very good guys, who they should both beat. What does this do? Just create more confusion. UFC is bulding both up...but for what...so they can fight later...just do it now.

Oh crap...an old post...my bad...damn links at the bottom
4/20/08 8:05:39PM
Link didn't work