who's next for Kimbo if he beats Tank? PAUL BUENTELLO!!!!!

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2/14/08 8:46:07PM
If kimbo slice beats tank which I think he will and I think hell KO him, I think he has gotta take that step up in competition and take on the head hunter. What a straight up war that would be.

what do u guys think
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2/14/08 8:51:01PM
i think kimbo would take buentello.

Personally id love to see Kimbo fight Alistair.
2/14/08 8:59:17PM
buentello would kock Kimbo the **** out but thats just my opinion of course....that would be a good fight, but a better one one be big foot vs kimbo
2/14/08 9:17:28PM
I think that would be a war. I would normaly go with Buentello. BUT I don't know after that loss he has to Overeem, he got destroyed in that fight.
2/14/08 10:31:05PM
I know it's still early to say, but I think that Kimbo would own Buentello.
2/15/08 1:24:43PM
Buentello takes this fight 7 or 8 times out of ten if you ask me... He's too skilled and been in there with much better comp than Kimbo...

I guess anything can happen, but Buentello's boxing/dirty boxing is pretty damn good, and he hits deceptively hard... Would be a good fight though, mioght be a little soon for him(if he beats Tank)...

I would think they'll bring in Cabbage again, and build up Bigfoot some more, Don't know where Overeem fits into the mix, but the big fight will be Kimbo vs Antonio, IMO (sooner or later)
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