UFC's Josh Thomson: Give me Anthony Pettis, then a title shot

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7/4/13 12:20:20PM
Josh Thomson's message to UFC officials is clear: Give me a fight with Anthony Pettis, and then give me the UFC lightweight title shot I've been awaiting for the past decade.

7/4/13 1:19:38PM
Very interesting match up I wouldn't mind seeing these two clash
7/4/13 2:32:42PM
I think this is a good one, and that Thomson deserves it after his performance against Nate. They were impressive no doubt, but I dunno if wins over Lauzon and Cerrone justify the shot at the strap to be honest.
7/4/13 2:58:18PM
I like it. Previously Pettis should have had a title shot but he also shouldn't be jumping divisions. I love watching him fight but part of me will laugh if he loses to THompson and misses another title shot. This is a great match up though. Winner definitely goes for a title shot.
7/4/13 3:00:56PM
Bensen or tj will defend the belt in Dec on fox card against Pettis. I think josh fights in Sept or Oct
Maybe against Jim miller or khalib
7/4/13 5:36:46PM
I think this fight should happen, both are on the cusp of LW title shots, get a definite contender up there.
7/4/13 7:15:20PM
Sounds great to me, and props to Thomson for stepping up and calling out Pettis.

It's definitely better than another Thomson/Melendez rematch.
7/5/13 9:54:08PM
Good idea Josh. That'd be a great fight, but I gotta think Pettis is getting to that level where is striking would just be too much for Thompson.
7/6/13 10:23:13AM
anything to derail Pettis is good in my books
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