What's Next for Josh Barnett and Why It Matters

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7/27/09 8:37:28AM
1. He lost a lot of money for the Fedor fight and a chance to solidify himself as the top heavyweight fighter in MMA.

This fight was probably one of, if not, the highest-paying fights Josh was ever going to get in his life. Whether you believe the figure is $300,000 or $500,000, that’s a lot of money to make for one fight. He’s not going to get that money anywhere else – not in Japan and not in UFC. ... What Barnett has to hope for is that there is still interest in Japan to book this fight on New Year’s Eve

7/27/09 10:07:55AM
his career in the states might be done, only chance is go back to japan
7/27/09 10:52:13AM

Back to Japan I think is a no brainer, he can do his pro-wrestling and fight cans like Hidehiko Yoshida for sengoku.
7/27/09 12:58:50PM
how could affliction paid barney 300 to 500 k and then pay fedor and then all the other top fighters on the card? And still be afloat....bloop bloop
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