UFC on FX 5's Jeremy Stephens arrested, bout with Yves Edwards in jeopardy

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10/5/12 5:07:33PM
Dana White ?@danawhite
OMFG!!! YES Jeremy Stephens is fighting tonight! At no point did ANYONE from UFC say he wasn't. Some media jackasses said he wasn't

Dana said its on
10/5/12 6:08:33PM

Posted by george112

One way or the other Stephens will fight if Dana went out of his way to say he IS fighting.

Either way I'm still stoked about this card

10/5/12 8:41:05PM
Maybe officer Bojangalz had something to do with this?

He was attempting to put a posse together under the guise of free tickets to UFC on FX 5
10/6/12 1:16:11AM
I loved how Dana was telling everyone he was still fighting
What a liar. He knew he wasn't gonna fight. Two matches scratched in 24 hours. The Ufc saga continues
What a lousy year
10/6/12 12:09:41PM
Front Row Brian on twitter posted a story he heard about Stephens, that, if true, means he'll probably be in jail for years. I'd repost it, but being as it's not "news" it wouldn't fly.
10/6/12 12:50:00PM
This was the weirdest thing that happened all night.

It was an assault charge, but jail for multiple years and unable to get out on bail sounds way extreme. Hope he gets it sorted out.
10/6/12 3:51:49PM
Aggravated Assault, which is a felony that carries a 2 to 20 year sentence.
10/6/12 5:01:25PM
One of my students friends is the individual J.S. pulled out of the truck and beat the hell out of and ended it by soccer kicking him while he was down. This is nothing new around here, Stephens and Neer completely act like Rock Stars when the are back and think they are above the law. This incident happend because J.S. did not get the girl that night so he decided he needed to beat up the guy that did. Hope he gets cut, it is an image UFC does not need its fighters to have. Stephens is a black eye for the UFC, they will be better off in the long run without him. Its to bad the Iowa MMA fighters made us look bad last night.
10/6/12 8:43:17PM
Well, that answered that.
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