What's going on with Jeff Monson?

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10/11/07 9:08:57PM
Last I heard of him was when he lost to Rizzo but does anyone know if he's coming back to the UFC or heard anything like that? I used to like watching him fight and I think he could make some good matchups in the new heavyweight division.
10/11/07 9:36:34PM
In the bonus features of the UFC 65 DVD he's talking to Josh Barnett and he talks about retiring. I think Monson might have 1 or 2 fights left in him or he might be done already.
10/11/07 10:08:35PM
Damn. I wanted to see him fight some of the new heavyweights like Cro Cop or Nogueira. I don't think he'd win but it could have potential to be an entertaining fight.
10/12/07 1:45:37AM
i would like to see that nog fight be sweet ground watch since nog is legit on the ground and monson is a abi dobie ( spelling) champ
10/12/07 10:09:11AM
hes fighting at extreme cage fighting against chris marez. there are a lot of known commodities on the card as well including everyones favorite, gabe ruediger, and the dog's son leland chapman.
10/12/07 10:57:17AM

Yeah my cousin is going to the fight its in SF
10/12/07 6:47:06PM
I doubt we see him in the UFC again.

Maybe elite XC,but I just don't see the UFC taking him again.
10/12/07 10:15:58PM
He seems to be a perfect fit for one of the less-well-established leagues - a pretty big name, a good fighter with decent credibility. That's not to say he couldn't thrive in the UFC, I just think at 36 years old, he may be happy being dominant somewhere else. He seems to take fights all over the place.
10/13/07 7:38:41AM
I always liked monson aswell huge guy but great ground skills i saw him fight in some japan shows not to long ago
10/13/07 5:00:30PM
He's busy selling illegal steroids, and committing acts of anarchy all around the nation.
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