UFC's Jake Shields says he's suspended six months for banned substance

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10/12/12 4:28:30PM
The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies' Boxing Commission has issued UFC fighter Jake Shields a six-month suspension for using a prohibited substance prior to his fight at UFC 150, the fighter today announced.

Shields' reps at Authentic Sports Management emailed MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) a prepared statement from the fighter.

In it, Shields acknowledges to using a banned substance and accepting the commission's half-year suspension.

However, he didn't reveal what the substance was, and the commission hasn't specified what was detected in his post-fight drug test.A source told MMAjunkie.com the Association of Boxing Commissions' database currently doesn't list any information about Shields' failed test, though it'll likely be added soon...

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10/12/12 4:34:08PM
Worst news I've heard all day...

I'm a huge shields fan but its mainly cause I've had an awesome day!
10/12/12 4:44:17PM
I'm thinking pot.
10/12/12 4:49:05PM
no doubt it was miss mary jane.
hes BFF with Nick & Nate PLUS his dad just died a while back, a little herbal medicine probably found its way into little Jakey's head after a beer or two.

I hope they deem his boring ass win over Short Fuse a NC now.
10/12/12 4:49:41PM
10/12/12 5:07:05PM

There's you're answer!!
10/12/12 6:19:10PM
That PED failed too!

10/12/12 6:32:24PM
I read it wrong and thought it was for being a banned substance, like some kind of sleep aid.
10/12/12 7:33:56PM
Got to respect Jake for being out in front of this one. I'm not a fan of his but I appreciate the honesty.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

for manning up.
10/12/12 11:30:53PM
Didn't work still boring.

His honesty is refreshing though.
10/13/12 12:17:08AM

Posted by frizzzlecake

Didn't work still boring.

His honesty is refreshing though.

I doubt it was a performance enhancer. Almost definitely it was pot or something similar.

So I'm not sure how it was supposed to "work."
10/14/12 2:54:48PM
I just can't understand why any athlete with SO MUCH to lose would ever risk being caught using any unauthorized substance of any kind and subsequently be forced "not to earn money" (by fighting) therefore jeopardizing what they have already worked so hard for...

Wow - even I had trouble reading my comment just now, lol, probably because I'm high