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5/29/09 11:17:51PM
When two guys hate each other, more often than not, they are going to fight. Fighting isn’t always the answer to solving a problem, but if you make a living out of punching people in the face, a fight solves everything.

Fighters leave it all in the cage, and if there was animosity before the fight, chances are it will disappear after the fight is over.

In the 16-year history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, we have witnessed some memorable rivalries. Today I am going to list the top 10 greatest rivalries in UFC history.

Let the countdown begin!

5/29/09 11:29:21PM
I would think that Hughes Vs Serra was probably the worst,
but I personally liked Penn Vs Sherk
5/30/09 12:31:51AM
with out looking at the link off top of my head i would say top 3 might be

tito vs shamrock
hughes vs trigg
couture vs lidell

more would be kos vs sanchez
hughes vs serra
arlovski vs slyvia
lidell vs ortiz

and a minor one but hamill vs bisping
5/30/09 2:29:14AM
Tito Ortiz Vs Dana White.
5/30/09 2:37:42AM
no Couture/Liddell ?

5/30/09 11:08:45AM
ortiz vs shamrock
couture vs liddell
shamrock vs gracie
liddell vs ortiz
hughes vs trigg

main ones i can think off the top of my head
5/30/09 12:53:29PM
It wasn't just ufc but Jackson Silva was a good one.
5/30/09 5:42:22PM
I think the Ortiz- Shamrock one should have included all the Lion's Den fights and the Frank Shamrock fight, only then would it be the best.
5/30/09 6:45:19PM
Liddell-Ortiz and Silva-Jackson are my two favorites.
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