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3/13/08 6:57:25PM
Hey guys. As most of you know, I write a weekly MMA column on scrubsports.com and I normally ask you for help with certain things. This month, I was looking for some nominations for UFC's Top Five KO's of all time. Post whatever ones come to your mind and feel free to post gif's if you've got them. Sometime next week, I will narrow them down and you all will have a chance to vote on the Top Five. Thanks for the help guys!
3/13/08 7:04:27PM
Arlovski - Bluntello! that was just funny! I'm drunk so i'm sorry if i spelt anything wrong!
3/13/08 7:07:52PM
Some Good Ones

- Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon
- Tank vs Nelmark
- Smith vs Sell
- Sylvia vs Tellegman
- Yves Edwards vs Josh Thompson
- Tank vs Matua
- Pete Williams vs Mark Coleman
- Gonzaga vs Cro Cop
3/13/08 7:20:42PM
Gonzaga's kick to Cro Cop's head was the most devastating knockout I've seen.
3/13/08 7:27:55PM
Rampage-Chuck II

Chuck has quite a few.


3/13/08 7:36:05PM
Paul Herrera vs. Gary Goodridge
#1 UFC Knockout
#1 All time belongs to Rampage vs. Arona in pride.
3/13/08 7:42:34PM
Franklin vs Quarry
Graphic wouldn't work

Edwards vs Thomson

Rizzo vs Barnett

My favorite Goodridge's crucifix + elbows on Herrera

3/13/08 9:18:09PM
Tito vs Tanner
Liddell vs Randleman
Rizzo vs Barnett
Rampage vs Liddell 2
Silva vs Leben

CroCop vs Vovchanchyn
Gomi vs Ralph Gracie
Randleman vs Crocop 1
Rampage vs Arona
Wanderlei vs Kondo
3/13/08 9:23:45PM
can i get a little love for the baroni - dave menne KO?

that was amazing.
it's true, baroni is DA BEST EVA!
3/13/08 9:30:23PM

Yves Edwards vs Josh Thompson
Melvin Guillard vs Rick Davis
Pedro Rizzo vs Josh Barnett
Pat Smith vs Scott Morris
Frank Shamrock vs Igor Zinoviev

TOP 10

James Irvin vs Terry Martin
Wanderlei Silva vs Tony Petarra
Pedro Rizzo vs Tank Abbott
Quinton Jackson vs Chuck Liddell 2
BJ Penn vs Caol Uno 1

TOP 15

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon
Gary Goodridge vs Paul Herrera
Houston Alexander vs Keith Jardine
Andrei Arlovski vs Vladimir Matyushenko
Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben

TOP 20

Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Hughes 2
Scott Smith vs Pete Sell
Pete Williams vs Mark Coleman
Duane Ludwig vs Jonathon Goulet
Bas Rutten vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
3/13/08 10:05:11PM
Goodridge Herrera - Crucifix KO

Rampage Arona - Slam KO (pride)

Liddell Mezger - Uppercut Flash KO (Pride)

Sell Drago - Broken Rib Feint then Flash KO Punch

Evans Salmon - Shin to Head Kick KO

Sanchez Riggs - I go OOOOOOOO everytime I see the crazy ass barrage- KO Knee

Best ones I can think of.

Anderson Silva
Nate Quarry
Chuck Liddell

Get special honors.
3/13/08 11:18:52PM
Evans over Salmon was pretty crazy.

Drago vs Scott Smith was one of the craziest knock outs I've ever seen.

Gonzaga over Cro Cop was also notable as well.

Nightmare Sanchez over Riggs was a pretty crazy knee as well.

Can't think of any others right now.
3/13/08 11:27:03PM
1 garyy goodridge vs ? Crusafix and very fast and very amny elbows
2 Tabk Abbott vs Steve Nelmark
3 Rashad Evans vs Sean salmon
4 James Irvin vs Terry martin HUGE!!! flying knee
5 travis Lutter vs Marvin Eastman
3/14/08 12:12:23AM
Top 5:

Franklin - Quarry
Irvin - Martin
Smith - Sell
Gonzaga -Crocop
Tank - Nelmark

EDIT: Try lookings through here as well Best KO's
3/14/08 1:47:12AM
I would go with both Anderson Silva Rich Franklin fights do to the first being a kind of big upset second is that Silva broke him down again the same way and to see Franklins nose after the first fight was classic
3/14/08 2:51:22AM
i dont know if anyone posted these yet but here are some of my favs

Buentello Vs Eilers
Vera Vs Eilers
Evans Vs Salmon
St pierre Vs Serra
James Irvin Vs Terry Martin
Jardine vs Alexander
Sell Vs Smith
Liddell Vs Ortiz
Arlovski Vs Buentello
Liddell Vs Couture 2
Yves Edwards Vs. Thompson
Gonzaga Vs Cro Cop
Liddell Vs White
Pulver Vs Lauzon
Guillard Vs. Ruediger
Babalu Vs Liddell 1
Barnett Vs Rizzo
Shonie Carter Vs Serra
Jackson Vs Liddell
Diaz Vs Lawler
Martin Vs Leben
Hughes Vs Newton 1
Griffen Vs Sinosic

all in no particular order lol i know its big but here ya go

3/14/08 8:00:30AM
Spencer Fisher / Matt Wiman
3/14/08 1:32:47PM
Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop
Smith vs. Sell
Leben vs. Martin
Liddell vs. Sobral
Jackson vs. Liddell
Evans vs. Salmon
Franklin vs. Quarry
Edwards vs. Thompson
Nick Diaz vs. Lawler
Goodridge vs. Herrerra
Alexander vs. Jardine
3/14/08 2:48:44PM
Evans vs Salmon
Tank vs Nelmark
Bart Pawelesgsrehfbhsg vs Ryan Shultz
Vera vs Eilers
Gonzaga vs Cro Cop
Guillard vs Davis
Irvin vs Martin
Sanchez vs Riggs
Smith vs Sell
Franklin vs Quarry
Boetsch vs Hearh(Throw)
Gary Goodridge Vs Paul Herrera
3/14/08 5:24:47PM
3/14/08 7:09:50PM
wihtout a doubt number 1

smith vs sell

guillard v rick davis

hughes vs newton
3/19/08 11:07:36PM
Koscheck vs sanford
GSP vs Heiron
David terrell vs matt Linland
Diaz vs Lawler
Liddell vs Ortiz
Lutter vs Eastman LMAO
GSP vs Hughes 2

Some of these have probably been said already but oh well
3/20/08 7:18:35AM
BJ Penn and Caol Uno was sick...and Vitor smashing Wandy in less than a minute was the shit.
3/22/08 1:55:27PM
My favorite is still Rizzo vs. Arlovski.
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