I'll give good odds on Lutter or Hoger.

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1/31/07 4:36:11PM
I want Machida and Silva but will make it interesting with some good odds. You could send me a request that you think is favorable or ask for something interesting, just give an idea how much you're lookin at riskin.

I'm also willing to drop a bit on Smith odds would be different scenarion though. He's the underdog and I want him. I have a small even money bet on him already but would be willing to drop more with decent odds.

I've got 250 in my bankroll that it looks like I don't. I'd be willing to cancel a pending bet invite or two if one comes by before I get an answer.

Times runnin out and I'd like to make things interesting.
1/31/07 5:39:41PM
Sent you a bet 4:1 on Lutter if you're interested. Vegas odds.
1/31/07 9:40:38PM

wager sent...gave you good odds and it's a small bet for you.
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