What's In Gina Carano's Purse?

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7/29/09 8:05:38AM
Funny ESPN video clip, seems she's got a lot of typical stuff you'd expect women to have in their purses.
7/29/09 1:56:01PM
She's gonna need that make-up because Cyborg is gonna turn her face black and blue

Interesting vid though.
7/29/09 3:54:12PM
I thinking watching her do anything is interesting.
7/29/09 4:42:30PM
I'll admit, at first I was like "Why do we want/need to know what's in her purse?" But I needed my Gina fix so I watched, and of course considering my limited knowledge of the subject I got quite a few laughs out of it. Besides, she looked as beautiful as always so it's all good.
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