UFC co-founder Art Davie relaunching XARM; live events, gaming debut this year

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9/29/11 8:31:01AM
The man behind the launch of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is again turning his focus to combat sports, and he's holding global aspirations for the hybrid sport of XARM.

And while XARM was once billed as "the evolution of combat sports," Davie and his partners Alan Winters and Wyndam Chow now have a new vision for their invention.

"We're doing things in a non-traditional way, and we think there will be some unique things that are really interesting to MMA fans," Davie told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "We see this as different but within the combat-sports entertainment space."

Initially launched in 2008, XARM features two competitors tethered to the XARM table and bound together at the hand with duct tape. Over the course of three one-minute rounds, competitors are free to punch, kick and seek submission holds while also using traditional arm-wrestling as a means of scoring points. Just like MMA, XARM bouts can be won via knockout, submission or judges' decision.

The 2008 debut XARM tournament was met with much skepticism in the combat-sports community, but Davie said that's a position he's more than familiar with. After all, few gave the UFC a shot when it was launched in 1993.

Additionally, Winters said the sport has undergone a dramatic evolution during three years on the shelf.

"What everybody saw with XARM back a couple of years ago was a pretty primitive version of where we're headed with it," Winters said. "The technology that we're going to build into this is going to be really interesting because you don't see it anywhere else."

9/29/11 8:38:46AM
As the debut of MMA led to the subsequent demise of boxing, the same will be said for XARM.

This sport will pick up, and pick up fast. No blocking, flying armbars, and a need to wear head gear. It sounds like a Vinnie Magalhaes fight

MMA will die, and XARM will be there to pick up the pieces.
10/3/11 4:30:01PM
I think they should merge XARM and Shock-Fights together and create Shock-ARM.

Strap them together like they are going to arm-wrestle, but put a high powered stun gun in the middle of their hands. Then just let 'em go to town until somebody dies. They could do it in the YAMMA pit for a little extra pizazz.
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