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POLL: Who should Forrest Griffin's next opponent be?
Rematch with Jardine 48% (16)
Thiago Silva 15% (5)
Winner of Silva/Franklin 6% (2)
Winner of Cane/Cantwell 6% (2)
Winner of Liddell/Rua 21% (7)
Other? 3% (1)
3/11/09 2:27:36AM
Anybody know or hear any rumors about where Forrest Griffin is at? He was the champ and now he hasn't fought since December.

Rashad is on top with Machida & Rampage up for title shots, Liddell and Rua have an upcoming bout, Luis Arthur Cane and Steve Cantwell is coming up, as is Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva.

Who should he fight next?
3/11/09 2:32:55AM
I picked winner of Liddell Rua... but hes already fought Rua so I think that he fights the Ice man if he wins, but not Rua. I like Cantwell, its a step up in competition and we'll be able to see just how much hes come. Possibility of an upset too.
3/11/09 4:57:01AM
pretty sure he's already fighting Jardine at 101.
3/11/09 5:30:24AM
UFC 101 forest vs jardine

i posted this earlier
3/11/09 8:35:16AM
u would think that if evans doesn't fight rampage that forrest would have a rematch with him instead of jardine
3/11/09 10:45:03AM

Posted by Aether

pretty sure he's already fighting Jardine at 101.

sorry bout that, tried doing a Forum search, guess I didn't look hard enough.
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