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8/2/08 2:57:00PM
Who is first in line for the LHW title, or atleast who do you think is up first.
8/2/08 3:06:41PM
I think it will be Chuck if he beats Evans. I personally woulf like to see the winner of Machida v Silva get the first title shot.

It seems who ever the champ fights he is gonna be the under dog.
8/2/08 3:06:49PM
Chuck will get it if he ko's Rashad. If he lost it could be Rashad, Wandy, Machida, Rampage rematch... I would like to see either Machida or winner of Machida Wandy.

But I expect Chuck to ko Rashad and get the fight.
8/2/08 3:22:43PM
8/2/08 3:26:21PM
If chuck wins he gets the next tittle shot and if he doesn't win it will likely go to the winner of the fight between thiago silva or lyoto machida.
8/2/08 3:52:59PM

Posted by Rabi

I think it will be Chuck if he beats Evans. I personally woulf like to see the winner of Machida v Silva get the first title shot.

It seems who ever the champ fights he is gonna be the under dog.

I like your thinking, and I agree with you too, I would like to see the winner of Silva and Machida go for the title.
8/2/08 4:54:27PM
Yea def Chuck if he beats Rashad, that would be a huge money matchup if it ends up happening, especially if its the last event of the year.

If he looses, might be Rashad (probably if he KO's chuck)or winner of machida vs silva probably in the first event of 09'
8/2/08 5:52:47PM
liddell if he wins if not the winner of silva/machida.
8/2/08 6:55:28PM

Posted by Gipper

liddell if he wins if not the winner of silva/machida.

8/2/08 7:46:22PM
just to be differe stephan bonner

but seriously Chuck
8/4/08 12:06:11PM
After decimating Matt Hamil, Rich Franklin will move up the ranks and beat every opponent in front of him, this will take 9 months, it is then, 9 months from UFC 88, Franklin will destroy Forrest Griffin to become LHW Champion.
8/4/08 12:23:58PM
No way in hell is Rich Franklin beating Matt Hamill.
8/4/08 2:29:32PM
first of all...NO WAY IS HAMILL BEATING FRANKLIN.....unless a freak cut or injury happens.....franklin was a top notch lhw before he moved to mw....hamill is nowhere near as skilled as franklin and just because he beat tim boetsch doesnt mean your good enough to hang...im not a frankling nut hugger, but seriosly the guys it the best middleweight in the world not named silva or maybe henderson and hes big enough and skilled enough to hang with lhw....i see 2nd tko.....moving on....i think if chuck beats evans, he gets it...i dont think evans gets it if he beats chuck tho.....if machida beats silva in impressive fashion then he might get it considering the run hes on...if he beats silva with his usual lackluster decsions, then i think he still has to wait awhile....w. silva could get a shot too but what i see happending is him fighting the winner of machida vs silva for the shot after chuck...if chuck loses then evans fights the winner of the silva-machida....i know, alot of that stupid mma math, but, thats the name of the game sometimes
8/4/08 5:02:35PM
I got Hamill pushing Franklin through a grueling decision win. I like Richie, but Hamill is an ox, and isn't an over the hill Shamrock for Franklin to destroy, then move down in weight? sorry Franklinites! Silva took his spirit, twice. Naw, but seriously, I like Rich. He got knocked out by Machida for god's sake!KNOCKED OUT BY MACHIDA. So, at LHW? Not too sure, but anxious to see. but I do like seeing Franklin, win or lose. LOL.
Chucky ko's Rashad in the 3rd when Evans is gassing. Chuck vs. Forrest. Wandy vs. Rashad in Dec. to decide who, after Machida, fights for the belt. If their name doesn't end with Liddell, Silva(all three of em), Rua, Machida, or Jackson, then I don't, and won't agree with them fighting for the belt.
8/4/08 5:25:22PM
getting ko'd by machida isnt as bad as it sounds....he dropped tito with a knee, dropped sokoju before capitalizing and choking him out...dropped hoger 3 or 4 times in theyre fight...dropped nakamura..those are some tough dudes with..machida was just able to capitilize that time on franklin....i dont see shogun getting a title shot for awhile...the injury and lost to forrest set him back a bit....hes gonna have to have probably 3 fights before...1 gimmie fight cuz of the injury...2nd fight to prove himself in the octagon...3rd fight with title elimanator implications....aside from my mma math...this is what i see happening....chuck gets next shot.....w. silva vs machida, with machida wining and getting next shot....and to even go further into the future, if rampage gets his head back on, silva vs machida (either silva) to get back a title shot...but alot can happen between now and forrest next opponent
8/5/08 5:01:41PM
Winner of chuck/rashad
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