What's next for UFC 87 Fighters??

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8/11/08 4:34:28PM
Just my opinion for what fights might make sense. Feel free to share your own.

First, the winners:

GSP - I think BJ will be next. Otherwise the winner of Alvez/Sanchez may be next in line.

Lesnar - Kongo. Timing just seems right.

Florian - Gray Maynard? I know this seems like a big step down, but Florian said he has no intention to wait until after a BJ/GSP fight for a title shot. Plus, Maynard just came off a big win over Edgar.

Maia - Winner of Kampmann/Marquardt

Emerson - Winner of Etim/Stout

Wilson - Hazalett

Now the losers:

Fitch - Winner of Parisyan/Yoshida.

Herring - Cain Velasquez

Huerta - Edgar

MacDonald - Loser of Kampmann/Marquardt.

Gamburyan - Loser of Diaz/Neer.
8/11/08 4:36:37PM
florian could fight stevenson but i dont think it will happen.
8/11/08 4:41:43PM
I think Tamdan McCrory or Ben Saunders shoud fight Hazzelett.
also I think
Emerson should fight Rich Clementi(I'd actually reall enjoy this fight).
8/11/08 4:45:30PM
I think the GSP BJ Penn fight should happen next for them, Lesner should fight Kongo, Demian Mia should fight the winner of Leben and Bisping and Florian should fight maybe Frankie Edgar ?
8/11/08 6:02:34PM
8/11/08 10:13:18PM
already done
8/11/08 10:41:16PM
GSP - BJ Penn
Lesnar - Kongo
Emerson - Sam Stout
Kenflo - BJ maybe? If not..... Frankie Edgar
Demian Meia - Yushin Okami
Ben Saunders - Jared Rollins
Chris Wilson vs. Tamdan McCrory
Jon Jones vs. James Irvin

Jon Fitch - Marcus Davis
Heath Herring - Dan Evensan
Manny Gamburyan - Cole Miller
Roger Huerta - Joe Stevenson
Jason MacDonald - Ricardo Almeida
Ryan Thomas - Steve Bruno
Andre Gusmao - Antonio Mendes
Luke Cummo - Josh Burkman
8/12/08 12:40:03AM
Lesnar Vs Kongo, would be dope. Mabey Gonzaga, to see if he's now ready for a good JuJitsu guy yet.

Florian Vs Maynard, would be a dope fight, but I think it's to much risk without enough reward for Florian. At this point he already deserves a title shot, and Maynard proved how dangerous he is by beating Edgar. Mabey someone like Rich Clementi? He is on a 6 fight win streak, and I think he's less dangerous to Florian then Maynard would be...

Maia Vs winner of Marquardt/Kampmann makes sense.

Emerson Vs Stout/Etim would be solid. Matt Wiman is another good option.

Herring Vs Velasquez would be a sic fight.

I'd like to see Huerta Vs the winner of Fisher/Guillard, but the timing might not work out. Edgar would be good, so would Aurelio, or Maynard. There are bunch more good fights for him too.

MacDonald Vs Quarry (Anyone know his status, I haven't heard anything in a while) or Loser Kampmann/Marquardt

Gamburyan Vs Alvin Robinson, Matt Wiman, Cole Miller.....I would like to see him against Danzig at some point to.
8/12/08 10:39:40AM

Lesnar - Coleman

Florian - Edgar

Maia - Grove

Emerson - Wiman

Wilson - Burkman

Now the losers:

Fitch - Koscheck (I know..I know..but maybe..)

Herring - Sanchez

Huerta - Clementi

MacDonald - Rivera

Gamburyan - C. Miller
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