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POLL: If you're the fighter and you're asked to pick between two ref's and the choices are...
A. Steve Mazzagatti 89% (33)
B. Dan Miragliotta 11% (4)
8/11/09 12:57:21PM
between two ref's and the choices are...

A. Steve Mazzagatti,

Meet the ref that Dana White said “just isn’t very good”. Steve is known for letting fights go on past the point of sanity … we’re talking about multiple times where fighters look up at Steve as if to ask “Do you seriously want me to keep punching this helpless person in the face?” The answer from the Mazz: “Yes, yes I do.”

Highlights of the year include handing Anthony Johnson a loss when he was brutally eye poked by Kevin Burns. He also demanded that Cris Cyborg knock Shayna Baszler out twice and stood up Lesnar / Mir over a single punch to the back of the head. This call wound up costing Lesnar the fight and completely changed the course of the heavyweight division for the rest of the year.


B. Dan Miragliotta,

New Jersey’s go to guy and once apparent heir to Big John McCarthy’s throne, Dan made a good first impression during the tail end of 2007 but things quickly turned to **** in 2008. During EliteXC’s Primetime show he cocked things up bigtime, pulling a bevy of fishy moves out during the headlining Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson fight. Standing up the fight for no reason, refusing to stop the fight after Kimbo ate over two dozen strikes to the face, and finally waving off the fight in Kimbo’s favor while Thompson was still standing.

But that was only the beginning of the love affair Miragliotta had with fans over the next six months. Other highlights include a controversial stoppage of Vera / Werdum, poking Heath Herring in the eye before his fight with Brock Lesnar, knocking Akihiro Gono over twice during his fight with Dan Hardy, and raising the wrong fighter’s hand during the Taylor / Liaudin decision.

Not all MMA fights are created equal, thats right folks diffrent MMA promotions have diffrent rules and sometimes enforcing them makes the ref look bad when really its the organisations rules set that sucks.

Take Strikeforce for instance they have been very explicit about standing fights up quickly and have refined there rules many times over the last year, that just makes the ref's look inconstant.

I think people forget that UFC rules only apply in the UFC and wile there is a foundation for all MMA fights that promotions have to adhere to they are allowed to mold some rules.

So who do you choose and why?
For me Dan Miragliotta is more consistent so Id have to go with him.

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8/11/09 1:05:46PM
Mazzagatti easy for me....look at that mustache!!
8/11/09 1:15:41PM
Mazzagatti, the lesser of two evils.
8/11/09 1:54:28PM

Posted by Bladerunner

Mazzagatti, the lesser of two evils.

Ditto. Plus I'd love the chance to tell him "Stop the 'Bring it on, C'mon' crap."
8/11/09 2:04:28PM
As a fighter, I'd absolutely prefer to have the guy who's not going to stop it early and cost me my win bonus that doubles my paycheck.

I'll take the guy who doesn't stop fights via TKO while the fighters are still standing.
8/11/09 2:41:19PM
Gotta go with the stash!
8/11/09 2:44:43PM
Mazzagatti at least I'll know when I'll be screwed by my opponents and not being knocked over by the ref!
8/11/09 3:24:16PM
Goin with Steve just because of the way Bruce Buffer gets so into saying his name
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