out of these 4 MW's, how would each fight end

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7/6/07 1:42:30AM
Anderson Silva, Paulo Filho, Dan Henderson, Matt Linland

Hopefully all 4 of these fighters will be united in one organization, and if so, how do you think each combination of the fights would play out?

Do you think any one of them is better than all of the rest, and able to withstand the offense of all of the others, or would Lindland beat Silva, Filho beat Lindland, Henderson beat Filho, an so on. Is there one thats truly the "best"?
7/6/07 2:29:19AM
Impossible to say, especially right now. Until they fight we won't know. Also, 2 of them( Lindland and Hendo) aren't fighting at 185 right now, and they probably wouldn't fight each other . One thing I think you are on to is I doubt their would be a dominant. Someone would beat someone who had lost to some one they beat. MMA math rarely works, because style's make fights and fighter's are different fight to fight.
7/6/07 10:33:19PM
Silva would beat filho and lindaland...........hendo would beat the same and then silva vs. hendo........if hendo cant beat rampage he should fight for the middleweight title after franklin gets is shot and maybe we could see who the best is
7/7/07 7:05:47PM
ya man, id love to see silva and henderson go at it, its such an unpredictable outcome really. Seriously, who has the advantage on the feet? I couldnt tell you, theyre both devastating in their own ways, and as for who has the advantage on the ground, well henderson will be able to take him down, but silva is a menace from on the bottom. Plus, when they tie up against the fence, while henderson is going for the take down silva could always get him in that freaking gnarly clinch and destroy his face with knees. silva is a rare breed, not too many fighters like him. I think henderson is just stuck in between weight classes, could he be the best MW, i think so. could he be the best LHW, a little less confident that he could get past rampage or shogun.
what would u rather see?
Henderson vs Shogun or
Henderson vs A.Silva
7/7/07 7:07:18PM
i think henderson would eventually TKO A.Silva with some ground n pound, thats just what my instincts say, but really who knows
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