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7/15/08 1:07:03AM
I think we have list that you can check out to find this out....

All good members have them filled out, mine is
7/15/08 1:50:16AM
7/15/08 2:03:59PM
Hendo, Fitch, and Miller are my top three and probably won't move from their spots. Here's my top ten for now, but would rather have like a top 20 list

My Favorites Top 10 Rankings
1 Dan Henderson

2 Jon Fitch

3 Anderson Silva

4 Randy Couture

5 Jason Miller

6 Urijah Faber

7 BJ Penn

8 Frankie Edgar

9 Chael Sonnen

10 Kenny Florian

you could add Fedor, Wandy, Shogun, Aoki, Hellboy, Torres, Condit, etc...get the point
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