What was You're favorite Strikeforce moment?

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1/13/13 3:53:36PM
For me it has to be Werdum subbing Fedor, close runner up would be the Nashville Brawl
1/13/13 3:54:45PM
Cung Le breaking Shamrock's arm
1/13/13 3:58:24PM
haahaa on breaking Frank's arm...that wasn't one of their choices last night was it?

I'd say the Fedor loss too. I wasn't under any illusions that he was invincible, but it was still pretty gripping to watch.
1/13/13 4:03:51PM
Cyborg destroying Carano....some men just want to see the world burn!!!
1/13/13 4:24:09PM
the destruction of Gilbert Melendez...... oh wait, that hasn't happened yet, damn.

seriously though, one of my favorite moments was when overeem destroyed rogers. i always thought that rogers was way over hyped and only got to where he was from the KO of a glass jawed arlovski. that and hendo's KO over fedor.
1/13/13 4:27:27PM
Hendo Koing Fedor
1/13/13 4:28:49PM
The Fedor/Rogers fight, because I was there. The atmosphere was just insane, and Rogers had Fedor hurt in the first round. The next round, Fedor landed a huge shot, and finished the fight. Place went absolutely nuts.
1/13/13 4:46:14PM
The rise of Ronda Rousey
1/13/13 5:04:52PM
Hendo/Fedor or Diaz/Daley

1/13/13 5:11:11PM
Seeing Marquardt knock Woodley's ass out Live at the Rose Garden
1/13/13 6:06:53PM
Something else needs to be said about the fall of SF, Bellator should look at signing these guys. I think it would be wise of them to look into WAMMA as well. They have a great pool of fighters to start with and the way they do business and keep to a tournament format is refreshing. Pairing up with Invicta could seriously damper the new WAMMA Division that the UFC is starting to experiment with...then again is it smart to start a war with Zuffa?
1/13/13 6:39:50PM
Fedor vs. Rogers and The Brawl
1/13/13 7:08:19PM
Diaz vs Daley was simply amazing! Seeing Tate win the womens championship was also a great moment. Also really enjoyed the whole Henderson vs Babalu card. I'm deffs gonna miss Strikeforce
1/13/13 7:14:13PM
Fedor losing to silva live. Also hendo winning in columbus. Fun times
1/13/13 8:39:58PM
When Shamrock and Le stopped touching gloves b/c the the fight was over.
1/13/13 8:42:57PM
The best: Heavyweight Grand Prix (the fall of Fedor and this rise of Cormier)

The worst: The Brawl
1/13/13 10:45:35PM
Werdum ending Fedors reign still blows my mind to this day
& the brawl haha. I remember watching it live & being like... "what the fuckkk?" RIP STRIKEFORcE!!!!!!
1/13/13 11:42:03PM
1/13/13 11:48:50PM
Simply Amazing!!
1/14/13 3:54:22AM

RIP Strikeforce
1/14/13 12:29:27PM

Posted by jae_1833

Simply Amazing!!

Was a staggering finish
1/14/13 12:32:46PM

Posted by MuayThaiGeek13

Posted by jae_1833

Simply Amazing!!

Was a staggering finish

An exciting finish too judging by the pic.
1/14/13 4:12:16PM
The cancellation.
1/14/13 7:21:06PM
Nick Diaz

Everything he did in Strikeforce was amazing.

The loss to KJ noons(okay it was EXC but still lead to the rematch)
The KJ noons rematch
Kicking the shit outta Frank Shamrock
The Daily fight
Jumping Mayham
Zaromskis beatdown
Cyborg fight

This was like the rise of Nick Diaz
1/15/13 12:52:49AM
Gina Carano..end topic..lol
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