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9/13/12 8:16:38AM
Warglory's thread from lastnight most definitely deserves a sequel thread

So here it is!

I was glad to see there is a lot of fellow caffeine junkies on the PG, but I am curious, what's your favourite coffee joint? Because I don't know if you Yanks, Brits or Kiwis know about the one coffee shop that trumps all other coffee shops!! That's right, you already know what I'm talkin bout because you know its true. The best coffee on the planet is in Canada & its Tim Hortons baby
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9/13/12 8:41:01AM
I like Hastings Coffee. Or Buccess

9/13/12 8:41:18AM
My wife always buys the cheap, generic coffee. I personally like the Dunkin Donuts blend. I Try not to buy coffee at places like Starbucks because its so damn expensive.
9/13/12 8:44:07AM
only 5 months until we get to see these with regularity
9/13/12 8:49:29AM
I did a search for a photo of Vic's expresso and a pic of the guy who makes my cup when I'm at work came up. This place is only in Boulder but on days off I go to 7-11.
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9/13/12 10:53:28AM
I'm a Bucks guy. Never was. Wife turned me on to it. I get something 3 out of the 5 work days in the week. If I dont stop at Starbucks in the morning, I get McDonalds coffee because its cheap. My work also has free coffee, but the lady that sets it up makes it taste like shit.
9/13/12 11:35:21AM
Tim Hortans all day
9/13/12 12:02:42PM
Yeah coffee joint, for sure. I love a coffee and a joint.
9/13/12 12:05:05PM
Dunkin' Donuts for me.
9/13/12 12:14:35PM
I'm gonna be that guy, and say I hate coffee, smells good, but I dislike the taste.
9/13/12 1:48:12PM
I've heard Tim Hortons is good, but haven't tried it. I get Starbucks from the grocery store for about $8 for a lb (pre-ground). It's only expensive if you compare it to something I don't.
9/13/12 3:18:48PM

Posted by State_Champ

Yeah coffee joint, for sure. I love a coffee and a joint.

Coffee joint's. Joints of coffee.
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