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12/18/12 7:30:12PM
In the wake of last week's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, it's not all that surprising to learn that Ke$ha's "Die Young" has been taken out of rotation at radio stations across the country ... even if the song is very much about celebrating life, well, there's really no way of getting around that chorus.


Again, in many regards, Sandy Hook stands alone. But it is far from a singular incident. And I understand the reasons behind pulling "Die Young" from the airwaves ... but, to me, it seems to be fueled by little more than empty sentiment, not to mention a bit of hypocrisy. No matter how you feel about Ke$ha, "Die Young" is only a song, and whether or not it's played on radio will not bring back any of the victims of Sandy Hook, or any other crime. Here's hoping that, as the nation seems to finally be willing to address larger, more important issues, we possess that same perspective, and push for a world where the chorus of a pop song is merely that.


Anyone else feel like this is a repeat of Marilyn Manson being blamed for the columbine shootings?

I'm not trying to be offensive but why are America blaming song artist who's lyrics are about celebrating life... When so many American rappers are talking about carrying guns and shooting people? Is the problem music or guns seriously? We have songs over here. Take Adeles something like you, did we pull it cause of it being a depressing song? No because it didn't kill anyone. It's a song.

At the end of the day a crazy guy got access to a firearm and killed people. Whatever he was motivated by is a different issue, why don't you question why he got the gun instead of why he was crazy.

It really is pathetic for them to pull a song, how about you pull the weapon instead? Keshas album was released in Australia and Europe before America and I haven't heard any stories about those countries producing mass murder cases....
12/18/12 7:43:12PM
Seems about right for America. Just like how the movie The Watch had to be renamed from Neighborhood Watch, because of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Both had nothing to do with either tragedy, but someone up the line of command, thinks it's the right thing to do, as to not offend anybody.
12/18/12 7:49:47PM
It's silly. I guess if I'm one of the parents that lost a child, just hearing those words might set me off. Shit, just hearing Ke$ha sets me off anyway. I don't get giving it less play nationwide though.
12/18/12 8:39:07PM
Pulling the song is dumb. Gun control is a bigger mistake. Had every teacher had a gun that would have ended much sooner. That kid could have smashed in windows and bunrt ppl with gasoline should we put a ban on gasoline? Your willingness to stand up for a song being pulled and in the same breath call for a gun ban is puzzeling.
12/18/12 8:39:48PM
Our society will place the blame on anything. Be it music, television, or video games. There's no such thing as "crazy" anymore.

The thing is, I'm in the same age group as the shooter. I play all the video games. I listen to the music. Yet.. I can't even comprehend doing something so inhuman. There's a big difference between people like him and people like me, and that difference can't be found in things like music or video games.
12/18/12 8:58:13PM
Irrational people in positions of authority make rediculous decisions daily. This is just par for the course.

I will say however, the less Ke$ha the better. So I'm cool with it, regardless of the underlying reasoning.
12/18/12 9:20:52PM
They should ban talking about it all together, not music. Think of how silly that is.

Meanwhile Dr. Phil goes live from graveside. Give me a break.
12/18/12 10:26:33PM
I'm pretty sure The Tragically Hip's song "New Orlean's is Sinking" was pulled after Katrina as well, even though the song is about a steamboat called the new orleans that sank in the 1800's.
12/18/12 11:05:07PM
Really? I didnt even notice
12/18/12 11:43:18PM
I thought the only "person" listening to that garb was teh chick from Teen Mom 2
12/19/12 12:10:16AM
people needs to stop blaming music, guns, internet, video games, etc. and start blaming the asshole parents that raised these people. these people have had problems for a LONG time to get to that point.
12/19/12 12:18:33AM

Posted by tcunningham

people needs to stop blaming music, guns, internet, video games, etc. and start blaming the asshole parents that raised these people. these people have had problems for a LONG time to get to that point.

I get what you're saying, but sometimes even with the best parents people end up doing crazy shit. Blame tends to get tossed onto games and music and tv, etc. because it's human nature to try and find a reason why people do what they do. Those things are easy targets, as are parents, but sometimes people are just wired poorly and do horrible things no matter how good the environment around them is.
12/19/12 1:17:27AM
I didn't read the linked article but

A) Why do you care if the song was pulled in the US? I know you are fan but if it is still playing in England then I don't see what your complaint is because it doesn't sound like your problem (if not hearing Kesha is a problem)

B) Some radio stations may have chose not to play the song, it's called freedom of choice. I can tell you however though that it has not stopped playing in my area, and has been in normal rotation. Some guy in a black suit didn't pull the secret Kesha lever at the core of the earth and kill her music. Some stations just don't want to play it, so be it. Your acting like it's a nationwide ban.

C) If your area has stopped playing the song, welcome to the future where we have Youtube, itunes, Amazon, Satellite radio, and dozens of P2P and torrent sites. Who actually stays tuned to a radio station in hopes of their favorite song coming on anymore? I know you pre ordered her CD so just cram that damn thing in your CD player and be happy.

D) It's Kesha! or Ke$ha or whatever. If you like her that is great but really...who cares? What does she matter. I get it, you think it's the principal of the matter but she is so insignificant in comparison to the big picture that I can't muster up even a feeling of indifference to her song being pulled temporarily. I can't help but feel that his is just an excuse for you to insert your opinion on a matter that doesn't have much to do with you.
12/19/12 12:00:42PM
The less Ke$hlut the better the world is...and take Minaj with her too.

The same thing happened after 9/11 when "Bodies" from Drowning Pool was banned from all stations even though the song is about moshpits. It is what it is, and people listen to CDs or their ipods in the car these days rather than commerical filled radio stations so it's not like they can't get their fix
12/22/12 1:12:20PM
After thinking about this quite a bit (kesha on the brain) I think the move does make some sense. Obviously it doesn't stand up to a solid logic test, but CC said it best earlier. This isn't a matter of assessing blame or a matter of offending people. This is for the family members, friends, and people who are more delicate and get torn up about these events despite not knowing any of the people hurt. The last thing anyone wants is to be reminded that essentially everyone there died young. I realize that the song has absolutely nothing to do with this, but if my mom for some reason was gunned down in a driveby shooting (huge stretch but whatever) I would probably fall apart seeing the song title Drive By by Train, despite it being about hooking up with some chick. This would prompt me not to listen to that station, and those stations also have to think about $$$ and want as many viewers as they can get.
I realize I'm super late to the discussion but this crossed my mind and there is more behind pulling the song than most people are acknowledging.