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POLL: Who's The Most Dangerous Man?
Anderson Silva 93% (37)
Wladimir Klitschko 8% (3)
4/21/08 1:43:26PM
That's the question, and the winner will be determined at the Guys' Choice Awards on Spike June 22 (will be taped May 30). Voting starts now and runs through May 23. The choices are UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and Boxing Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko. And apparently they didn't see UFC 83, as there were no "Running Man" nods, spoof awards, etc. for Nate Quarry & Kalib Starnes.
4/21/08 2:07:15PM
My big question is whether or not this is in a P4P respect or in a who am i actually more afraid to fight.

I think Silva is a better P4P fighter than Fedor but i would still be much more afraid of fighting Fedor because he is that much bigger than me.

The question needs clarification.
4/21/08 2:15:27PM
Unfortunately the press release Spike put out (how I found out about it) really didn't say. They only listed the top 2 and said that "Keeping with tradition, each category is narrowed down to two nominees and is settled like men: mano a mano. The night will also feature discretionary honors to be announced shortly."
4/21/08 2:18:45PM
Anderson can hurt you in so many more ways... I think he'll take my vote for that fact alone...
4/21/08 2:42:17PM
Ken Shamrock?
4/21/08 3:14:57PM
this is dum GSP should be in ther it should be GSP and Floyd Mayweather
4/21/08 4:02:29PM

Posted by Ordep

Ken Shamrock?

4/21/08 5:45:45PM


2nd rate Champion. Worlds most dangerous man has to be Audley Harrison LOL
4/22/08 12:02:56AM
Klitschko is good.

I say Miguel Cotto would be a rough night if you got in a tangle. Brock Lesnar would not be very fun and I would hate to fight Anderson Silva as well, who I believe is the best fighter in the world at this point
4/22/08 6:03:34PM

Posted by murphy_16

this is dum GSP should be in ther it should be GSP and Floyd Mayweather

Your spelling reflects the quality of your ideas.
4/22/08 10:45:02PM
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