UFC's Dana White on Cris Cyborg: 'She's irrelevant'

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2/13/13 5:27:04PM
UFC president Dana White confirmed today that the promotion has cut ties with Cris "Cyborg" Santos, the former Strikeforce 145lb women's champion.

2/13/13 5:28:16PM
Their's only what a select few recognizable women in MMA?
And lets face it,Cyborg is one of them.

P.S, Dana does make good points in the article though.
2/13/13 5:41:58PM
From the comments:

If Tito's been calling the shots here

Then I it leads to Cyborg doing awkward post-fight interviews for Bellator very soon

Shit made me laugh.
2/13/13 7:27:39PM
What a shame another big fight gone

Invicta fc or bellator will grab her
2/13/13 8:33:55PM
Wmma is irrelevant. At least thats what dada was preaching not so long ago
2/13/13 8:38:59PM
I call bs. Dana doesn't want to see their poster girl get smashed. I understand there is no 145 lbs division in the ufc, but there is hardly a 135lbs division there either. I find

As far as cutting to 135 for cyborg, it's not dana's ass on the line when cyborg comes in drained and half dead. If anyone knows their limits in terms of what they can cut its the fighter, not an on-looker lacking the info to make a legitimate decision. His taunting her to do it is a cheap shot and pretty despicable imo.
2/13/13 9:36:27PM
Dana White you classless premadonna
2/13/13 11:55:41PM
If the 135lbs WMMA division pans out then I am sure they will look at expansion into other weights and I am sure 145lbs will be it....then they will bring her in and Dana will be singing a different tune.
2/14/13 1:56:52AM
I hope Liz win's because Dana makes me upset.

Ronda by armbar.
2/14/13 3:31:47AM
Typical badmouthing on someone who doesnt want to be a part of the UFC.

2/14/13 3:35:05AM
guyborg is a beast and would dispose of ronda worse than she did gina carano. ronda wouldnt be able to take her down and she would just get pieced apart from pillar to post until she got brutally knocked out.

i have spoken!
2/14/13 7:12:43AM
Dana is on rousy's nuts... hard
2/14/13 9:55:59AM

Posted by frizzzlecake

I hope Liz win's because Dana makes me upset.

Ronda by armbar.

Me too, plus I'ma put 10 bucks on Liz since she's something insane like +1100
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