I'm really concerned for Jon Jones.....

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12/15/12 4:38:43PM
Ever since the taping of TUF, young jj has been frequenting the local strip clubs in Sin City - - - ((making it rain every night)) - - and ((making it snow on the weekends)) and as a result, it has affected his Team (I won't give any SPOILERS fellow Chaelgrounders) and his body <see attached pic>

jj - put down the bottles of DIVA Premium Vodka and pick up a copy of The Voice of Reason (still #1 on Amazon) and get a sense of enlightenment from the UFC LHW Champ.
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12/15/12 5:42:44PM

He sportin' Liddell in his prime
12/15/12 6:03:11PM

Posted by sparky

He sportin' Liddell in his prime

12/15/12 7:18:46PM
I've heard rumors about that, but I don't know the extent of their credibility
12/15/12 7:25:21PM
he looks like a menstruating Rhianna
12/15/12 7:59:52PM
WTF? looks like JJ's been hitting the buffets
12/15/12 8:08:26PM
Funny picture.
12/15/12 11:54:51PM
It's all good, April is a long time away.
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