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12/25/12 3:00:18AM
Merry Christmas everybody

Hope you all have fantastic days stay happy, healthy and enjoy your day with your families wherever you are!

What did you guys get?!
12/25/12 5:20:12AM
Same to you man

I got a new set of golf clubs
A new driver
And high speed internet
12/25/12 6:55:38AM
Merry Christmas!

Its 3am where I am, so I haven't gotten to gifts yet. But I did get some gift cards for Cigars International and about a week ago. I actually got my orders from both sites already, and my humidor is looking sweet

I hope everyone has a beautiful day
12/25/12 6:55:47AM
Merry Xmas

It's 4am. I crashed early after Xmas eve dinner
Got a couple gifts haven't opened them yet.
Every year I get paid my vacation checks so my Xmas to myself will be this weekend
12/25/12 7:30:09AM
Merry christmas fellas!
Best wishes to you all and your families!
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12/25/12 10:19:04AM
Merry Christmas PG fam.

I got a few blu ray movies (Evil Dead 1,2, and Army of Darkness, Dead Alive, and The Thing). Also got an Amazon Gift card, and an awesome back massaging contraption.
12/25/12 10:19:31AM
Merry Christmas everyone

I got Assassins Creed 3 and that's all I need
12/25/12 10:38:50AM
Just hanging out. Made a big breakfast
Watching Ufc 152. Gotta head over to my sisters in a hour do the family thing. Make them watch my Ufc fights
Then go to the movies later on
12/25/12 11:06:24AM
Dr. Who marathon and Dr. Who Christmas Special
Merry Christmas everyone
12/25/12 11:07:02AM
Merry Christmas My PG Fam

12/25/12 11:35:50AM
Happy Xmas, had a lovely day, been on the beach, had a lovely dinner and just chilling out for the rest of the day
12/25/12 12:36:14PM
And a happy new year.
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12/25/12 4:50:36PM
Merry Christmas my fellow Playgrounders

I got gift cards for a new set of golf clubs at Golf Town...and lessons from their pro who will advise me later on for which clubs are best for me. Combo gift from the family.

My brother got me an HDMI cable so I can stream fights on the big screen
12/25/12 5:38:04PM
Merry Christmas, Playground!
12/25/12 6:43:52PM
Happy Honukah
12/25/12 7:18:10PM
Merry Christmas you crazy Fucks

Good to see ya Pookie, Merry Xmas Brotha
12/25/12 10:48:19PM
Merry Christmas PG fam.
The adults don't get much in my family. We spoiled the crap out of the kids and buy for the Parents.
But in the name draw I got the new Curve Cologne. And a gift card to Hayden's Restaurant. Grappler0000 would probably be the only one on the site to know about Hayden's Restaurant.
Irionically that's my sons name. And my lady is buying tickets to the upcooming Bellator event in January here in Michigan.
And I think I gained 10lbs eating today. I'm still crazy stuffed from hours ago.

Merry Christmas again. Hopefully everyone was safe and got to spend some good times with their family.
12/25/12 11:04:55PM
Just came home from my 2nd Christmas dinner in 2 nights....I love this time of year
12/26/12 6:45:43PM
Happy Boxing Day! (ie. Belated Xmas).

I got some fun stuff - three of my fave perfumes, alcohol, cash, socks, a scarf, lip gloss, lululemon stuff with a cool new gym bag and a few 'other' things.

Mostly I've just been doing the family rounds... glad to have a couple of days to chill this week and just be lazy before NYE madness.

Hope everyone had festive holidays and that Santa was good to you! xo

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