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12/30/08 10:03:59PM
What do you guys think? I think a fight with Dos Santos (I know he has a fight coming up soon) or maybe Cain Velazquez or Shane Carwin would be pretty sweet....
12/30/08 10:12:48PM
Justin McCully
12/30/08 11:39:09PM
Either a contender to try and get him a title shot.

Or they will try and do what they did to fabricio werdum, give him someone lower and say if you win you can get a title shot.
12/31/08 12:32:22AM
I would say that he will lose to Velasquez and to Carwin so it would be a very good idea if Dana was matching him against one of them, It would calm his title shot idea for a while.

12/31/08 12:48:23AM
call me crazy but i say nog nog wins but ya nog
12/31/08 4:36:48AM
Someone with steel balls.
12/31/08 9:20:54AM

Posted by mentalcase

Justin McCully

No way he's way past McCully
12/31/08 9:23:18AM
Screw it...I say give him the winner of Mir/Lesnar.
12/31/08 9:56:49AM
cain or gonzaga / carwin, i just want kongo to be knocked out
12/31/08 10:15:23AM

Posted by mentalcase

Justin McCully

12/31/08 10:16:29AM

Posted by emfleek

Screw it...I say give him the winner of Mir/Lesnar.

He loses either way there. Actually I think he loses to any of the up and coming big guys too. Give him to Cain and he will definitely lose. Give him to Carwin and he will probably lose.
12/31/08 10:20:59AM
I would say Gonzaga for a shot at the winner of Lesnar/Mir.

Kongo and Gonzaga are both on 2 fight win streaks and they are both worthy of fighting for a shot at the title.
12/31/08 10:22:26AM
I just hope that his next fight leads to a Championship bout for him or whoever he fights against.
I like Kongo and would love to see him fight any title contender.
12/31/08 10:46:34AM
Jason Guida, come on give him a chance he couldn't cut weight for TUF make him fight at HW
12/31/08 11:29:30AM
everyone seems to be tied up Gonzaga vs Carwin. Mir vs Lesnar. Cain vs I forget who.

how about Couture or even Hardonk?
12/31/08 12:16:04PM
Give him Hardonk. That is the matchup that makes the most sense to me. I think that Kongo will win that fight, then give him Cain. If he was to be Cain(which he wouldnt), then he is deserving of a shot.
12/31/08 2:13:00PM
I would like to see him fight Shane Carwin or Junior Dos Santos but they already have opponents.
12/31/08 3:36:27PM

Posted by cmill21

Someone with steel balls.

Gotta spread the love.

So true though.
12/31/08 4:02:32PM
Kongo has put in work he is 6-2 in the UFC and has won 4 of his last 5. I say its between Carwin and Cain or Nog and Coture. He beats any of those 4 and hes in line for the Title.
12/31/08 4:20:20PM

Posted by tuvok500

I would say that he will lose to Velasquez and to Carwin so it would be a very good idea if Dana was matching him against one of them, It would calm his title shot idea for a while.

I agree. His lack of ground game, would catch up with him in these matchups. Not to mention his size disadvantage against Carwin.
12/31/08 7:19:56PM
Kongo is in the UFC's top 5 HWs. Cain does not have enough wins to deserve that fight. I believe he should either wait for the winner of Carwin/Gonzaga rumored for March in Ohio...and fight on the UFC 100 card in the summer under the "Real" HW Championship fight, for the no.1 contender spot.

But I love some fights, so I say give him Hardonk, maybe Couture, possibly a rematch with Herring...ehh...Definitely give him a name, even more so, another top 5 and keep him fighting until he gets his actual shot. Monson rumored to come back I thought, that might be interesting...?
12/31/08 9:23:27PM
Give him couture then the loser of mir/lesnar......then let nog and couture battle it out for the number one contender spot
12/31/08 9:39:45PM
I love the Junior Dos Santos matchup, and it makes a lot of sense. Both fighters should be available at about the same time (barring a tough fight against Struve). It would be an exciting matchup stylisticlly, as both fighters have great striking, and Kongo has improved wrestling, but faces a purple belt that trains with the Noguiera team.

I could also see this fight being the winner of Carwin vs Gabriel Gonzaga--but more likely only if Carwin wins as I think Gabriel is just a little higher up the ladder, especially with a victory over Carwin.

One more possibility would be a test against more mid tier competition like say--Justin McCully or another UFC newcomer.
12/31/08 10:35:00PM
Kongo for a lack of overall game is still 6-2 in the UFC. But with most of the potential match ups filled up (Gonzaga/Carwin, Dos Santos/Stuve, et. al) the only fighter that I could see happening would be him vs. Hardonk (who is 4-2 in the UFC and on a 3 fight win streak).

Some reports have said that the Carwin/Gonzaga fight has not been finalized and perhaps one of them could still fight Kongo, or that Jeff Monson could come back to the UFC and fight Kongo, however I do not see any of these happening.

So yea, Kongo vs. Hardonk. But, I would still feel that with a win Kongo would still need 1 more win to fight for the title.

All in all I applaud the UFC in signing a lot of prospects to compete in the HW division, they have definitely revamped a depleted HW roster.
1/1/09 4:05:23PM
Hardonk makies the most sense the ufc needs to give him someone that will stand infrotn of him, altho he is 6-2 the 2 losses came from guys just holding him down (although herring was willing to stand) give him hardonk and then if he wins give him a better ground fighter to see just how good that take down defense has gotten
1/1/09 4:13:56PM
not a title fight maybe a no.1 contenders fight though
1/1/09 4:40:19PM
1/1/09 9:59:39PM
Kongo has a big hole is his game, so I don't think he is a viable contender. Giving him lesser fights and building up his hype is actually doing him a favor. At some point he will probably be given to Carwin or Cain so they can prove themselves to indeed be ready. If Kongo can get by one of those guys then of course he deserves a title shot instantly.
1/2/09 11:16:32AM
Lets get Fedor in and put him against Kongo!

1/2/09 11:25:43AM
i think kongo will face hardonck next
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