Which ex-champ has the best chance of getting the belt back?!

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POLL: Who stands the best chance of winning their belt back if they fought again?
Sylvia 0% (0)
Chuck 7% (3)
Franklin 2% (1)
GSP 87% (39)
Sherk 4% (2)
3/20/08 2:26:43PM
I'm a bit bored sat at home on a rainy day so i thought i'd post this little question.

Sylvia - Nog

Chuck - Rampage

Franklin - Silva

Serra - GSP

Sherk - BJ

So what do you guys think?
3/20/08 2:30:54PM

3/20/08 2:38:14PM

Posted by tuvok500


3/20/08 2:52:56PM
I voted GSP but i also think that Chuck has a good chance to get his back as well. I think he is more motivated than ever and would knock Rampage out in a rematch.
3/20/08 3:56:03PM
Sherk or GSP. Both if they LNP. But GSP has the best chance since he has the size advantage. BJ has sick TD defense. As long as Anderson and Nog stay in the UFC, that's a big NO for Tim and Rich.

Rampage already proved he's better then Chuck, he's stopped him TWICE!!! A third fight would be just a meaningful as a third Chuck/Tito fight. Rampage ran through Chuck like Chuck ran through Tito. Neither have anything to prove!!!! Chuck does not look better the ever IMO. He couldn't even KO Jardine or Wandy who stood in front of him and took his best shots. Wandy was KO'd in his last two fights, but Chuck couldn't get the job done! And Rampage only gets stopped by knees from Muay Thai experts, and Chuck don't even throw knees!!!

But IMO I have none of them winning there titles back. I'm convinced each person who beat them is levels ahead of them and beat them for a reason because they are better...besides Serra who is just GSP's kryptonite!!!
3/20/08 6:21:11PM
If Chuck beats Rashad badly, i think he gets the next shot after Griffin. And i wouild love to see Rampage/Chuck 3
3/21/08 1:01:56PM
1. Gsp - Already got his shot lined up, and is a huge favorite over serra.

2. Chuck Liddell - If griffin beats jackson and chuck beats rashad he'll most likley get the shot, and i think hed k.o griffin. Even if he fights rampage again i still think hed have an ok chance.

3. Sean Sherk - Mainly becouse hes already got a shit lined up, and theres always a chance he'll beat B.J. I dont think he will personally, but you never know. If he didnt have the title shot already lined up, hed be below tim for me.

4. Tim Sylvia - Can beat anybody in the ufcs hw division, and he seems to pretty good at getting shots, so with the division being so weak he'll most likley get another shot before long, and we all saw what he did to nog before getting taken down. The question is, can he finish next time or keep it away from the gound?

5. Rich Franklin - As much as it pains me to say it, rich aint getting the belt back while anderson silvas around. The only way he'll get it back is if anderson takes time out to train and box roy jones jr, or if anderson moves up or down in weight.
3/22/08 3:07:21AM

If MMA Playground allows you to make polls w/ 6 options.... where's the "none of the above" option ?
3/22/08 3:26:33AM
GSP is the easy choice.

I think Chuck is going to get another shot soon, and with Chuck's power he always has a good shot.

If Sherk can last into the later rounds with Penn I think he has got a decent shot.

Sylvia will probably not be getting a shot within the next year, but with his size and experience he still has a marginal shot at being the champ one more time in a division that has become rather weak again.

Franklin is still a great fighter, but unless someone else dethrones Anderson he's got no shot in hell.

Other former champs-

Hughes- If Serra were to beat GSP again then the UFC might bypass both Fitch and Karo and set up the long awaited Hughes/Serra matchup. I'd give the edge to Hughes in that case.

Ortiz- Definately a long shot at this point. If he is able to beat Machida, Liddell loses to Rashad, and Ortiz is re-signed I guess he would be in the title discussion.

Mir- IF Mir can string together a couple wins then he would be a logical title contender. That said, the Lesnar fight didn't do anything for me besides prove that he can sub someone with little exp. Also, if Nog is still champ at that point, forget it. I will go out on a limb now and say that Mir will never beat Nog.

Tanner- Umm, I like the guy but no.
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