Who's buying the Shamrock/Baroni -- Strikeforce/Showtime PPV?-POLL

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POLL: What are your chances of buying this card?
Buying it 0% (0)
Buying UFC 72 11% (1)
Buying both 22% (2)
Buying neither 44% (4)
Will buy one , haven't decided which yet? 22% (2)
6/5/07 1:21:50PM
I was listening to the betadown and while most people agree that they wouldn't buy the K-1 card, a lot were talking about getting the strikeforce PPV. While I think neither Shamrock or Baroni are a top 10 fighter any more , I do have interest in this card. Some very interesting fights ,and since the UFC 72 doesn't seem up to par, I thought I'd see who else is considering buying it.

Main Card Bouts:
-Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni
-Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Joey Villasenor
-Paul Buentello vs. Carter Williams
-Paul Daley vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig
-Josh Thomson vs. Nick Gonzalez
-Cung Le vs. Tony Fryklund
-Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett vs. Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela

Preliminary Bouts:
-Jason Von Flue vs. Luke Stewart
-Mike Pyle vs. Aaron Wetherspoon
-Eugene Jackson vs. Danny Higgins
-Rex Richards vs. Steve Jester
6/5/07 3:06:50PM
i think this might be a better event than ufc 72! i'm getting both though
6/5/07 3:15:48PM
I'm going to be in San Diego visiting family during UFC 72 so I won't be able to buy it and I'll be in Basic Training during EliteXc/Strikeforce so I obviously won't be buying that either. If I had a choice of one card though, I'd have to go with Shamrock vs Baroni. Daley vs Ludwig, Williams vs Buentello, and Rua vs Villasenor are all going to be great.
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