Who's next for Brock Lesnar?

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POLL: Who will Lesnar fight next?
Cain Velasquez 11% (5)
Shane Carwin 67% (31)
Somebody else 22% (10)
7/12/09 3:12:02AM
I'm assuming the winner of Velasquez/Carwin. That would mean that we won't be seeing Lesnar again for 7 or 8 months. What do you all think?
7/12/09 3:17:55AM
you should probably have this poll as the winner of carwin v velasquez or the winner of couture v nog or the winner of cro cop v dos santos etc.
having to choose between two people who haven't fought yet assumes too much
7/12/09 3:28:28AM
I'd like to see Lesnar vs. Nog if Nog beats Randy convincingly. If not then the winner of Cain/Carwin would be the logical choice, although I think both could use some more experience before they present the best challenge they can.

If Cro Cop looks really good against Dos Santos, that would be an interesting style match-up. Cro Cop does not deserve a title shot without at least a couple wins, but its one of the only fights where I think the different look that Brock's opponents could give him would be interesting.

If Nog loses, Cain and Carwin both look just horrible, and Cro Cop does anything less than kick Dos Santos' head into the balcony, then I guess the next thing would be a Randy rematch.
7/12/09 3:36:54AM
I'm thinking maybe Dos Santos actually, I know he hasn't had alot of fights but I think he would perhaps do the best against Brock
7/12/09 4:17:25AM
i think a healthy big nog poses the biggest threat right now
7/12/09 8:18:42AM
I think the UFC will try to put together a Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar fight when they can because casual fans would love to see two huge dudes with big power fight each other, and because Carwin is now developing some popularity....but that's only if Carwin can get past Velasquez.....
7/12/09 8:19:17AM
If Cain-Carwin does happen, probably the winner there. And if I go by my current pick there, Carwin.
7/12/09 10:03:03AM
Carwin For sure would give him the best matchup... I think Carwin could beat Brock. Carwin matches up so well against him and has that vicious KO power.
7/12/09 1:32:44PM
if fedor gets by josh barnett (which i think he will), the timing couldn't be more perfect. just saying, makes way too much sense if fedor takes car of business.
7/12/09 2:38:20PM
I think Carwin has the best chance and im basing that souly on the size factor. After watching what he did to Mir am I the only one the thinks the HW division needs to be split? A guy of Mir's size and he still has to deal with a guy that probably has 40lbs of muscle on him, that advantage IMO borders on Unfair.
7/12/09 5:50:12PM
Dana needs to get Fedor do whatever it takes to make that fight happen!

Lesnar vs Emelianenko sounds perfect to me
7/12/09 6:21:14PM
I think that Nogueira is the next logical opponent.
7/13/09 12:45:18AM

Posted by tepid55

I think that Nogueira is the next logical opponent.

how is nogueira the most logical? he lost his last fight to mir. a few people have said nogueira. i don't understand that at all. he needs to get back in the win column before he could even be considered for a fight with lesnar.
7/13/09 1:04:31AM
I gotta go with Carwin. I believe Carwin can beat Velasquez and then get his title shot against Brock. I don't know who would win that fight, it would be very interesting though 2 guys with knockout power trying to knock each others head off, sounds good to me.
7/13/09 2:51:42AM
easy winner or carwin/cain or if cro cop kills dos santos maybe that match
7/13/09 12:02:08PM
It's gonna be Shane or Cain.

White confirms that the winner of the upcoming Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez bout will face Brock Lesnar for the title.

7/13/09 12:40:59PM
cain or carwin vs. brock doesn't do it for me at all, i don't think either of the two guys are ready for what brock has, carwin obviously has the one punch ko power but we haven't seen him outside of two minutes yet. i would much rather see an undeserving nog if he beats randy (which i don't think he will), a randy couture rematch doesn't make much sense to me right now. Brock will pound carwin or cain later this year and then we'll see what happens.
7/13/09 12:45:48PM
Dana confirmed winner of Shane/Cain gets Brock..........they are all actually similar fighters, Cain has better BJJ then the other 2, all 3 are wrestlers, and all 3 have good speed/power/strength....... IF Shane has a terrible chin as it seemed last fight then i see Cain/Les Les winning, BUT i think Shane's chin is fine, and its gonna get past the test as he knocks Cain's head into the 2nd row......also the guy has good subs, nearly half his wins by subs so i think he would be Brock and Cain Standing, or on the ground since he is a great wrestler too.
7/13/09 12:46:20PM
Won't happen this year. Cain-Carwin likely isn't happening until at least 104 (late October) then it'll be another 4-6 months after that before either guy is probably ready, so best-case is Super Bowl weekend, April '10 is more realistic.
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