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3/20/08 3:32:26PM
I am Brad. I like MMA. I like to watch fights. I am introducing myself. I am out of things to write. I said barely anything at all. Hail Satan!
3/20/08 3:34:28PM
Oh Shit! Damn the auto-login feature of this site. It is glitched. I am not Brad. I am Brad's brother. No one cares but I tell you anyways. The autologin is glitchy. I loged in as Brad then it logged me out and signed in as Brad's brother. I did not this myself.
3/20/08 3:43:02PM
Will the real Brad please stand up
3/20/08 9:16:28PM

Posted by Zombie3785

Pills for everyone!

Something is wrong with the both of you using the pill all the time
3/22/08 8:08:24PM
Is Brad the only one relpying to the Posts?
3/23/08 11:09:31PM
Hail Satan? uuuuuummmm ok...
3/24/08 8:24:03AM

Posted by Zombie3785

Posted by skinnator

Is Brad the only one relpying to the Posts?

Nope, even Satanist have appeared in this thread.

Hail Satan!

Sketch case...
4/1/08 2:54:04PM
I think I got a Headache after reading all these posts
4/4/08 11:57:08PM
Troll banned.
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