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4/28/08 9:14:09PM
But on I just saw the new bulletin.

4/28/08 9:38:50PM
Bout damn time.
4/28/08 10:04:00PM
no kidding.. and when does the next Legacy come out? there should be one more.
4/28/08 10:50:15PM
i am getting it, i think pride 34 comes out in june i heard
4/28/08 11:27:17PM
its called torrents . ya download and watch. burn a dvd if you feel like it.

pretty cool though that zuffa is releasing it. i wonder if they'll switch up the comentary and edit goldy and joe in.
4/29/08 12:13:35AM
Pride Kamikaze is coming out in May as well.
5/1/08 3:10:44AM
I bought it yesterday at best buy. So I guess it got released early.
5/1/08 4:50:22PM
Thats great. I liked the fights i saw on Pride Shockwave 2006 so far but i haven't seen all of them. Thats a good event. I gotta go out and buy it ASAP.
5/1/08 5:37:24PM
Awesome news!!! wont be long before pride 33 will be out then
5/1/08 8:53:51PM
maybe these will be at best buy and wal mart now
5/2/08 6:47:51AM
It's about bloody time. Zuffa, having purchased Pride, has a responsibility, wether they recognise it or not, to release the unreleased Pride back catalogue, for the sake of the fans.
5/3/08 11:21:34PM
i think its been a while since anyone bough a pride dvd.
5/4/08 7:18:39AM
tbh, ive only ever seen one pride event, so for my birthday i bought bushido 1-5, HW gp 05, MW gp 03 and MW gp 05. I basically just picked them all from the sale but they seemed to have good fights on. I cant wait for them to arrive.
5/6/08 6:12:43PM
i can't find the dvd's anywhere at all, i looked i know it came out today but best buys didn't have it, no one did
5/6/08 11:03:43PM
i used to watch pride here and there as a kid, but never knew any of the fighters by name (besides rampage).

the other day i bought:
Bushido 1-3 Pack
Pride Legacy Pack 4 (Pride 17-18, 20-22)
Pride Legacy Pack 5 (Pride 24-28)

And UFC 71,73,74,76,77,79, and 80 (all but UFC 80 were $10 at best buy )

Man am i glad, i didnt really understand MMA all that well to about 4 years ago, so it's like watching them for the first time again lol!

Paid like $60 for the Pride Dvd's and it was soooooo worth it. TONS of great fights!

I'm thinking out going and buying a couple GP's tommorow.

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