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5/7/08 6:29:35PM
Ok, hear me out here guys..

The UFC seems to be cutting a lot of good fighters lately who have been down on their luck.. But the problem im seeing is, a lot of these fighters have already been built up and have a strong fan base behind them, so as the UFC is cutting them other organizations are jumping up and grabbing them..

For example, look @ the next Elite XC - they have a sick card lined up, im really looking forward to Kimbo vs Thompson.. they also have great fighters like Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz..

Eventually its going to get to the point where a lower org like Elite XC has just as many top names as the UFC - instead of the UFC cutting these fighters, why not just keep them under contract to prevent other organizations from getting stronger by obtaining them?

I see this posing as a huge problem for the UFC in the future, im looking forward to this next Elite XC just as much as UFC 84 to be honest.. then we have DREAM which is becoming the next Pride.. just when it was looking like the UFC would be the monopoly of MMA we have other orgs on the rise getting stronger and stronger by signing the good fighters that the UFC does not want any more.. can someone say KARMA??

Give it another two years and Elite XC and DREAM will be just as big as the UFC.. comments?

Lets debate!
5/7/08 6:37:20PM
I see your idea BUT

Your point with the ufc keeping fighters under contracts just wouldnt work. Fighters don't get paid a certain amount every year, they get paid when they fight. If the UFC kept them they would have to keep putting them in fights, which they may not want to do. Also, why would a fighter want to stay in the UFC if he new he wasn't going to get any fights...he would leave. Finally, a fighter wouldn't want to stay in the UFC if they new they weren't going anywhere, theyd rather go to EliteXC and become reasonably big names there.
5/7/08 7:28:14PM
I see what your saying. It seems like if your not good enough to cut it in the ufc just go to elite xc or some other org and be a big star. Its just that the ufc can't hold on to every single fighter they sign, it'd be too expensive. In order to sign new up and coming talent and keep match ups intriguing they have to cut fighters who aren't doing as well. Its just business!
5/7/08 8:54:45PM
I often think about what the thread starter is talkin about.....

Only time will tell...

IMO I think that the UFC will have to revamp the way they Contract there fighters but not any time soon....
5/7/08 8:58:27PM
Elite XC and Dream are awesome and Im glad there's more organizations but face the facts its UFC baby , When people think of MMA they think of UFC, thats the way it is , UFC will be on top for ever !
5/7/08 11:57:49PM
the recent ufc fighters that have been released like within the past month or two did not have a big fan base. like lutter, doerkson.
5/8/08 12:23:32AM
WOW EXC really compeating with the UFC no way thier top dog Kimbo is going to get sooooo mad at all the BS everyone will be saying about how he will get destroyed in the UFC will bring him to the UFC
DREAM is vary nice and I would prefer DREAM to EXC anyday even more now their shows will be on HDNET Im all for that but the UFC will get my cold hard cash time in and time out

Come on Kimbo vs Glass chin for free hmmm I wounder whats gonna happen this will be nice for people to see a KO thats about it any of their other top name couldn't cut it in the UFC no diss to Diaz but hell he couldnt last in the UFC either
I think the UFC is okay with other Orgs picking through their trash(not a diss)
5/8/08 10:31:18AM
The UFC is betting on one thing to keep them afloat.It's not the fighters their banking on,it's the brand itself.To Zuffa,and a lot of other people,UFC is MMA.Or at least in America.If they continue their strong hold on the sport,the UFC could potentialy release a lot more fighters,even high-end fighters,and it won't matter.
Because despite who's fighting for the UFC,the casual fan will assume the UFC automaticly has the best MMA fighters in the world.That's what their trying to do.Build more upon their own name,and less on the fighters themselves.It might seem like BS,but it's a smart thing to do.You can hype a champion all you want,but once they lose the title alot of the money you've been putting on that guy just goes down the toilet.It's not like Pro-wrestling were you can build a guy up for 2-3 years,get him a solid fan-base in place,then give him the title.Then while he's holding the title you prepare to hype the next guy in line and so the process continues.With MMA all that can be shattered in an instant.
Think of it this way,how much UFC merchandise do you see that supports the fighters?
Not a lot to zero.You don't see very many UFC shirts with fighters names on them and such.Many UFC shirts simply have the UFC logo on them.This is why guys like Forrest,Liddell,Rampage and such have shirt deals with Affliction and Xtreame Couture.Zuffa doesn't want to shell out a few hundred-thousand on shirts for a fighter who might leave when his contract is up,or could potentialy lose all his steam.
This is why Elite XC might be doomed to fail.They're riding on the coat tails of Kimbo Slice.A single fighter in their promotion.As soon as Kimbo goes down (and when he does he'll go hard),EXC better have some one established to start taking up the slack and get people excited again.

IMO,Zuffa is building their brand name,and might prove in the end they can survive without big superstars.Just my opinion,but that's how it looks to me.Despite losing Randy,and never getting Fedor,they seem to be doing just find.They would probably continue on uneffected without other big names as well.

As for DREAM,they are shaping up to be the next PRIDE,but they still have a ways to go before they become established like PRIDE was.It takes time to build up your promotion,and a lot of effort.This is something the minds behind "Bodog" failed to understand.They got in on a popular trend and just thought the money would come in by itself.They figured getting someone like Fedor to fight for them would automaticly bring sucsuss.This isn't true.Building your brand is what will keep you alive.The MMA market is down in Japan for the time being,and anyone willing to try and topple Zuffa and the UFC better be in the game for the long haul,because they have the market dominated.MMA is a new in the world of advertising and promotion,and the UFC is setting up the rule book on how to sucseed.I don't see the UFC releasing fighters being that big of a blow to them at this point.It's going to take another promotion improving on their brand,and less on riding the coat tails of their fighters to go head to head with Zuffa.
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