I'm betting on Stann over Wanderlei Silva what do you guys think?

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12/15/12 9:12:17PM
Its the bet I'm making for UFC on Fuel TV 8 What do you guys think about this bet? I'm going to wait till they weigh in but thats the bet I'm making...let me know your opinions...

12/15/12 9:14:25PM
Are you from the hit reality show Jersey Shore by any chance? If so, love the hair.

Wanderlei will need dentista after this fight
12/15/12 9:41:15PM
I'll be rooting for Wanderlei but I think Stann is going to get the W
12/15/12 9:52:19PM
Since coming to the UFC (other than Chuck) I have not seen Wandy survive when facing a power striker. I think his chin has been demolished by the back to back losses to Cro Cop and Henderson. I see a 1st round knock out victory for Stann, it's an easy pick really.
12/15/12 11:06:22PM
Stann is gonna get KOTN. i said it before, if silva was in his prime it would be a great fight, but i think at this point wandy is in for bad night. i'm a fan of both fighters but stann is at the top of my list. he's got crazy power, great chin, and wandy has a very suspect chin these days.
12/15/12 11:50:46PM
picking Stann.. rooting for Wandi
12/16/12 1:10:17PM
I'm betting on Stann and here's my reasons for it:

Clinch- Silva loves to clinch, but Stann destroyed Leben in the clinch, he has great power in the clinch. Leben punched a hole in Wand via the clinch, and if Silva clinches he's in for the same thing.

Stann's POWER- Dude his like a truck, and can put away anyone at any given time. If Wand Brawls Stann can put him down.

Stann's ability to tag fighter's, every fight since his UFC debut at MiddleWeight and working with Jackon's camp, every fighter he's faced has felt his power. Bisping escaped it but Bisping has one hellofachin,(H-bomb's do not care about chin they destroy anyone,)

Wild Factors-

Fight is at 205- Stann is very unsuccessful at 205, but so has Wand,

Stann's chin? I can't remember when it has ever been tested?

Overall I'm putting money on Stann, too much power, so little chin to absorb it.
12/19/12 7:18:39PM
Going with Stann too based on his power and Wandys chin. One is 5 times more reliable than the other
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