What's the best mma news source for cell phones ?

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3/15/08 6:49:16PM
I'm trying to find out the best mma news source that I could get on my Verizon cell. I have V-cast videos which has a little info but I don't care about the videos as much as breaking news & fight cards. Just to get text would be fine, don't need pics. Any suggestions ?
3/16/08 1:20:59PM
Does noone have an opinion on this ?
3/17/08 1:48:28PM
Only to say that the sites I've tried through my phone have all appeared messed up, don't flow right, won't fit everything onto the page..... it's a nightmare to be honest and I've yet to find a site that works well on my mobile.
3/17/08 2:02:29PM
Thanks to all the awesome folks who help keep this site informed via our News Share forum, we usually have pretty current headlines on the site. Sit tight, I'll see if we can slap together a page with the headlines summarized and easy to read...
3/18/08 1:46:39AM
Get a better phone.
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