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10/1/07 12:01:39AM
10/1/07 12:04:22AM
id have to go with joe
10/1/07 12:05:56AM
I voted for Sherk, he is a monster.
10/1/07 12:12:37AM
At this moment, Sherk, Stevenson, and Florian are tied for first, and Penn, and Edgar are following behind them with no votes.
10/1/07 12:15:30AM
go joe go, go joe go
10/1/07 12:39:39AM
More people need to vote. The more people vote the more decisive someone could win.
10/1/07 12:43:47AM
sherk by far hes rediculous quick and strong hes a big ass ball of muscle then its joe then bj the kenny
10/1/07 12:46:55AM
Then vote for sherk, and show that he's the true best.
10/1/07 12:50:34AM
Sherk, but only because he is unmatched at his ability to control his opponents every move. Once it gets to the ground of course.
10/1/07 12:53:02AM
Sherk is leading by a vote. Anyone else agree with Sherk as the best? If so, keep him going! If not, then push him back, by voting for someone else!
10/1/07 12:57:56AM
penn is by far the best
10/1/07 2:49:05AM
Gotta be BJ Penn, When he fights at 155lbs he is forced to be in shape, and a fit BJ Penn is almost unbeatable.
10/1/07 2:52:35AM
Gotta go with BJ. When he wants it, there is no one BJ can't stop at 155, and imo he could give GSP a good run for his money, and beat Matt Hughes again at 170. But since we are only talking 155, there is no one he can't beat if he wants it!
10/1/07 3:11:26AM
the prodigy bj penn
10/1/07 10:06:19AM
sherk is my fav at that class but bj is also very good
10/1/07 10:20:52AM
1 vote for "Daddy" please.
10/1/07 1:44:59PM
you should make a LW best, id go with Nick Diaz
10/1/07 2:41:06PM
Assuming he stays 155, I don't see anyone beating BJ.
10/1/07 2:51:14PM
BJ has jumped out to an early lead with Sherk following behind him, with Joe Stevenson in third. Edgar and Florian are tied for last. Don't agree with the polls, push your favorite into first place, by voting, and encouraging others to vote.
10/1/07 3:02:18PM
Sherk would have a hard time taking BJ down, even if he did BJ could submit him. I don't see Stevenson being able to submit BJ and in standing Stevenson would be in trouble. I like Ken Flo a lot but I don't think he can submit BJ either. Ken Flo's standup is more technical than BJ's, but I think BJ's heavy hands and iron chin swing the advantage his way.

Anyone disagree? Have I left anyone out? If so how do you see them getting past BJ?
10/1/07 3:19:22PM
10/1/07 4:22:41PM
It's gotta be BJ Penn. He's got so much damn skill. On the ground, striking. He could out strike Sherk and he's submitted "big strong wrestlers" like Hughes. If he's in shape, Penn couldn't be stopped. All sherk could do is take him down and then, eventually be submitted.
10/1/07 4:54:28PM
B.J. is a great fighter. He just needs to get in the ring and start fighting more. 2 fights in 05, two fights in 06, 1 fight in 07. What is he waiting for. Pick a division and dominate it, if thats what he thinks he can do.
10/1/07 5:16:47PM
BJ looks like the winner, because he controls half the votes. Sherk controls a third of it, and the final portion is split between Stevenson, Florian, and Edgar. This poll could easily end with BJ controlling more than 60%.
10/1/07 6:53:53PM
BJ Penn is the best light-weight.
10/2/07 12:43:30AM
bj penn
10/4/07 9:02:24AM
10/4/07 6:51:59PM
I voted Sherk. He's so strong and quick and I think he could control anyone in lightweight.
10/4/07 8:46:28PM
Top 3 should be Stevenson, Sherk and Penn (not in that order) but if your a big enough fan you could throw Roger Huerta in the mix. I dont see how people could pic Florian over Sherk and Penn as Sherk destroyed him and Penn is higher of an athlete.
10/4/07 9:08:56PM
Is there a new comic topic place now because this has to be a joke.I think Penn would smash on these guys
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