I can't believe it!!

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8/1/08 4:54:42PM
...well I couldn't post for awhile because of some conformation issues but hippysmacker was able to address the issue! big props to hippysmacker.

Anyway not really new (kinda) but I thought I would post here and draw some attention to my new camp looking for a second in command to help run the camp and atleast 1 other so we can make a run at the LW division.

Let me introduce myself a little so this post is worthy of being on this topic.

Not new to MMA live in sactown and not far from stockton where I have rolled with the diaz brothers who have also done several seminars with cesar gracie at my dojo and met nate when he was 17 when he assisted cesar gracie with the first seminar at my dojo.

I'm 27 and can't get enough BJJ in my life (hence the camp name, which is also my favorite submission) when I have enough people to run a decent camp I will post actively on a BJJ forum on the camp message boards which will include everything from tips to answering questions and include some of my favorite bjj flows i.e. what submission attempt to use as bait and how to flow it into a different submission.

please send PM's regarding joining the camp for second in command or just as a recruit.
8/1/08 4:57:46PM
Welcome aboard, man.
8/1/08 5:01:33PM
8/1/08 5:01:50PM
welcome aboard, good luck with the camp.
8/1/08 5:08:00PM

Raykill "YES IT WAS A BET"

atleast you are a man of your word, heheh
8/1/08 7:12:58PM
I did it

Can't wait for him to give me a good one when I loose......

Wait i'm not going to loose
8/2/08 9:39:30AM
8/5/08 3:46:36PM
Kracker that avatar you stuck him with is so funny! Good job
9/7/08 1:09:02PM
hey thanks for this
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