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8/23/12 6:19:38PM
I will be in Tunica tomorrow for the Bellator event. It sucks that I am going to miss out on the Curran/Freire fight, but after today, I'm just glad they didn't cancel the entire card.

I do not get to watch Bellator ever because I work the nights it is aired & I do not have DVR to record it. I am very familiar w/ Wiuff & familiar enough w/ Galvao & Luis Alberto Noguiera, but do not know of anyone else on the card.

Is there anyone in particular I need to keep my eye on? I'll be there when the doors open to watch every fight, but it would be nice if I had a little more to go on before I get to the arena than just the names on the card.
8/23/12 6:25:29PM
I'm not too familiar with too many of these guys as well but I did see Ryan Martinez in ProElite and he looked to be pretty talented. Always love heavy weight fights anyway
8/23/12 7:12:46PM
It's worth it just for Galvao & Noguiera. Potiential Bellator FOTY.
8/23/12 8:24:32PM
Ryan Martinez for the win.
8/23/12 8:28:17PM
Better Bellator 73 then UFC 151
8/23/12 9:02:06PM
Look out for Kevin Tiller (3-0 prospect), Joe Williams (6-0 prospect), Cosmo Alexandre (Very technical and powerful stand up) and Van Buren/Mucitelli (should be a great scrap where someone's 0 has to go).

I predict a lot of finishes. It should be a fun night of fights.
8/23/12 9:13:14PM

Posted by FastKnockout

It's worth it just for Galvao & Noguiera. Potiential Bellator FOTY.

Agreed. This fight should be fireworks.
8/24/12 12:56:57PM
thanks everyone! my phone doesnt work well w/ the playground so i wont be logging in until tomorrow or sunday. im not much of a picture guy, but i'll try to get a couple.
8/24/12 2:01:49PM
Awesome P_F, have a good time. I want pics
8/24/12 4:52:47PM
right on man have a good time ill be watching the prelims plus the main
8/24/12 8:12:43PM
Watching in the surprise van! Come on in.
8/24/12 8:19:19PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Watching in the surprise van! Come on in.

I would but I gotta drive a few hours to see my parents this weekend. Do me a favor and tell everyone I said what's up would ya
8/24/12 10:33:49PM
You sir, were spoiled

Great card.
8/24/12 10:55:37PM
Ya great fights tonight, Galvao is a beast
8/25/12 2:07:58AM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Ya great fights tonight, Galvao is a beast

So is Attila 'The Hun'
8/25/12 7:10:46PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Posted by Franklinfan47

Ya great fights tonight, Galvao is a beast

So is Attila 'The Hun'

Just caught my Bellator fix on my DVR. Good fights last night, hope you got your money's worth P_F!
8/25/12 7:14:23PM

Tiller & Cosmo both looked good.

Williams looked gassed, but i was surprised a judge scored it 30-27 bc i thought he at least won a round.

Martinez threw right hooks, but every time Wessel circled left into it, he didnt throw it. that really baffled me.

Galvao & Vegh looked GREAT!!!!! I hated to see Noguiera lose, but someone had to. I'm certain he'll be back.

I had a great time. Sorry im not a picture taker, plus my phone battery was low so I didnt really have the opportunity.

The crowd was stunned when Wiuff got KOed. The whole room felt silent.

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you saw my one pic that showed how close i was. square in the middle with no post in my way. I'll never get seats that good ever again.

I got Martinez, Galvao & Noguiera to sign my program, which have me a chubby.

I also had the pleasure of sitting next to a very educated mma fan from Nashville. I told him about the site. We'll see if he joins or not.

I also had the pleasure of talking to a guy during a smoke break who was very mad about 151 being cancelled & said he wished a superstar would've stepped up & saved the card & he also said "I'm sure they could've gotten GSP to come out of retirement."
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